Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spread Limit Holdem

I loves me some spread limit holdem. Probably because the few times I have played it live, (not sure if it is offered online) I have pretty much crushed it. The tourists who play spread limit just do not have a clue which makes things pretty easy. I was just off on a short vacation, and I got to play 2-6 spread limit Holdem at Buffalo Bills (stateline). For those who have not played, in this game you can raise between $2 and $6 on any street. It gives you some leverage preflop and on the flop, that you can't get with limit. Most of the competition is used to limit so they don't understand the concept of bet sizing. Basically, you have a bit of freedom preflop in your raise amount, but post flop on you are raising the maximum of $6 every time unless you are retarded. You can find your mark easy by finding the guy who bets $3 into a $25 pot on the turn when they could have gone $6 and had at least a chance to take the pot down. The thing is that you get tons of crazy low bets on the flop and turn that will always price you into your draws, and the table will tend to think that you are a maniac if you always raise the maximum (which is almost always correct). Its great for me because I get a maniac image that I can exploit even though I am just making proper sized bets. I was working the maniac image pretty good at Buffalo Bills.

I sit down with no reads, and pick up QQ on the very first hand. 4 limpers before me and I pop it right up to $8 total. Five see the flop. Now I am pretty much hating things here as QQ just is not worth much in a five way raised pot at spread limit. But presto flop comes down Q high and I got the nutz. There is an open for $4, and a raise to $10, and a caller before I pop it to $16. We cap it three way to the turn. There was a flush draw on the board. Turn completes the flush and initial flop better bets $6, second guy folds, and I just call. I am not sure if this was correct. Can I really put this guy on the flush draw when he is willing to cap the flop with me? It was a three way cap, and I am really thinking this guy has a fat flush draw. He is also leading right back into me on the made flush knowing that I can't fold. So I called to see what the river would bring. Obviously if I boat up, I am going to war, and I have position. I also do not have a flush card, so a four flush would be pretty bad. Well the four flush hit on the river, and once again I got led into for $6. I call figuring that I must be beat, and find out I am against pocket 6s for another flopped set, and no flush more importantly. I scoop a pretty big pot, but was a bit upset that I could not get more in a set over set situation. Did I screw this one up. Anyone cap the turn there?



At 5:51 AM, Blogger Mike Maloney said...

I wouldn't. I think slowing down there is smart. It was a dangerous board, and you still had one more card to come, which could (and did) make the board even more dangerous.

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