Wednesday, April 02, 2008

1,056 Fantasy Contest Wins

One of our users on recently won his 1,000th cash prize on our site. Click here for the leaderboard. Why does this matter? This user who has only been playing on the site for about 4 months may have more fantasy contest cash wins than anyone else on earth. Before sites like ours started offering compressed season fantasy sports, everything was season long. So to get to 1000 wins assuming that you were good at fantasy sports and could win 60% of your contests, and assuming that you have been playing fantasy sports for 20 years, you would need to enter 83 season long fantasy contests per year. Now I know that there are some hardcore fantasy players out there, but 83 contests a year for 20 years is possibly more than anyone has ever done. Kaiseroll13 has made it to "long-term" in just four months, where it would have taken at least 20 years to get there before. My point in all this is we are really flipping fantasy sports around and making it possible to get to the long-term very fast and actually profit from fantasy sports. This was not possible before FSL launched.

So is 1000 fantasy contest wins really "Long-Term"? For poker long-term is usually represented by 10s of thousands of hands. It takes months and months of playing poker a bunch to get there. Even a year of playing a ridiculous amount of poker may not get you to long-term, as many winning players have had year long losing streaks. So can you really get to long-term in just a couple thousand fantasy contests? I think you can, because there is a key difference here. With fantasy sports you can basically chose your cards and play your best possible "hand" every time. Not true in poker. You will not even play a bunch of your hands because they are too poor to continue with. Poker is more situational. You need to get into 1000s of similar situations to see if your strategy is a winning one. This basically means that a bunch of your trials in poker are not really trials because the starting cards and situations are so important. Not true in fantasy sports. Each and every contest that you enter is a valid trail. You get to pick your cards and play your best possible hand, as does your opponent. So with fantasy sports there is much less noise in the data, and you can get to long-term much faster. 300-500 fantasy wins is probably close enough to long-term to determine if you are a profitable fantasy sports player. You can get to long-term faster on a site like ours than playing poker. You can also get there 100s of times faster than by playing season long fantasy sports. If you want to prove you are the best at fantasy sports and get the associated bragging rights that come along, you need to get to the long-term and you will never get there in season long fantasy sports. If you got what it takes, prove it daily!

Fantasy Baseball 08 Launches!

We launched our second season of Fantasy Baseball on Monday. It has been huge so far and will only get bigger as the season progresses. We have made so many improvements to our contest structures since last fantasy baseball season, that what we have now is pretty incredible. If you are into Fantasy Baseball you need to get in the game at and earn some cash. Like last year we will be running daily "Joe Speaker Specials" where you get a tiny bankroll to build a competitive team with. Its great for the tightwads out there like Joe. If you like to spend big and drive a hummer jump into one of our "No-Cap" contests where you can spend like the Yankees with hopefully more success than they have.

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At 8:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to playing baseball this year. Here are a couple comments.

1. Higher Buy-Ins. Is there a market for six or ten player contests at $10, $20, or $50?

2. Buy-ins from $9 +$1 and $18 + $2 to $10 + $1 and $20 + 2. This doesn't cost the site anything but it lowers the percentage of juice we pay.

3. Player list is incomplete and some players are listed at wrong positions. Where is Rick Ankiel? Why can't full time DH's be listed at a position say 1B or OF? Carlos Guillen plays 1B this year not SS.

I love the site Blinders and I look forward to killing baseball like I killed football. Hopefully some minor upgrades can be made for the good of the site.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Chad C said...

I love the idea of Fantasy Sports Live since I am a baseball junkie. However, there are a couple things that I think you guys could really imporove on:

1. Make sure all the players are up to date in their positions. I noticed you don't even have Rick Ankiel available, and Carlos Guillen at SS when he plays 1B. I am pretty sure there are more, but those are two that stick out.

2. There aren't enough bigger buy in non-HU matches. Can't you guys push your luck a little and at least field some $33 10-man games or something? They might fill, give it a shot maybe?

3. Maybe have sports specific leaderboards? More points for money spent? Most of the people on the leaderboard play 89 $1 matches per day, by default they will win.

Just some ideas.......... I would love to drop some money into your site, but I just don't like HU or $11 6-Teamers.......

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Lifesagrind said...

I only play the Football but I wanted to offer my congratulations on the success your having with the site.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Blinders said...

Great feedback guys. The baseball roosters are a bit of a mess right now, becuase the rooster feed format was changed for this year, and we have not fully incorporated the differences. I will fix the the player issues that you have brought up today. Higher buy-ins multi-player contests will be rolled out overtime. Yesterday a 10P $10 contest went off with 5 players and a $40 overlay, so we just are not there yet. As players fill the lower stakes, we will add higher, or we are just giving money away. We are one of the few sites that actually has overlays so we need to be a bit carefull. $50 6-man and $20 10-man contests will be up sooner rather than later.

More advanced leaderboards are also in the plans.

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Blinders said...

the rosters are also a mess, not just the male chickens. Ankiel and Guillen are now fixed. We are also already running $20 6-man contests, just did not do it today because there were only 3 night games. You will see one tommorow.

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for prompt feedback Kevin.

Continued success with the site.

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