Monday, March 03, 2008

BBT3 Musings

The BBT3 is off and running with a 105 player "Big Game" in the books. I found a $26 token in my FT account and did the 2 table S&G for the $75 token. Yeah, I know I don't play sats, but I had a token to burn. I got through about 1/2 the field in a night of very poor cards. I flopped a set and turned a boat early against Fuel55 to get to 6k in chips, but basically just bled down from there. Eventually I would jam 66 over an UTG open raise, get called by A5o, and double through back to 6k+ in chips. Still no cards 2+ hours in and the blinds pushing my M below 3, I open Jammed AJo from late and got called by 88. I really did not mind taking that coinflip as I needed to chip up badly, but I lost.

I figured I would take a shot with the Big Game and see what happens. I do not have plans on playing very many of these events. My marriage will not be able to take it. I really feel for you guys out there who can play them all. My best hope is to play in the riverchasers and skills series from time to time and try to get a win.

I will remain focused on the bodonkey as I have a hall pass to run this series. I see the bodonkey series with several big advantages over the BBT3. First off, it is less events / less buy-ins to complete the series. Total cost of the BBT3 is about 6x the Bodonkey. You will end up with a 18 player S&G vs a 50 player ish MTT in the BBT3. So you have better than twice the chances with about 1/2 the total prizes in the Bodonkey Series. Second off, the T600 added each night to the Bodonkey is huge. No added prizes for any of the individual BBT3 events. Third off, the competition in the bodonkey is not as good. The BBT3's first event was won by a fucking poker pro. Not sure why Riggs invited him. It's like one of the ME seats is already off the board. Who knows how many other FT pros will play and win seats to the TOC. I like my chances much better against the bodog blogger crowd (and you must be a blogger for the bodonkey), than the wide open anyone can enter and win BBT3.

It would be great to take advantage of both the Bodonkey and BBT3 series to maximize my chances of a WSOP ME seat. It is great that the value us bloggers bring to the table is finally being recognized, and the sites are taking care of us in a big way. I simply do not have the time (or understanding wife) to play MTTs four nights a week for the next three months. It would be great fun though.

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At 10:32 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

FWIW you and Smokkee with your "one ME seat already gone" silliness. Did you ever see the way Fischman played last night? Or any night, for that matter?

Honestly, I would say that is one player in the ToC with more or less no shot of winning the ME seat. Sadly for Scott, he plays every single tournament, every single night just the same way he played the Big Game.

Poor guy.


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