Monday, February 05, 2007

Resistance - Fall of Poker

My posting activity and poker playing in general has fallen off the cliff in the last few weeks. There are a couple of big reasons for this. First off, with neteller pulling out, and then pulling a fast one, I am just not as motivated to play poker for a profit. Currently, I have no way to get money in or out of poker sites, and I am unwilling to try one of the new ones. I trusted neteller, but it is hard to believe that I would be that trusting of a new e-wallet after what neteller has pulled. I quietly started moving funds out of the sites and into neteller, and then in to my checking account right after the port security bill. To stay under the radar, the checking account transfers need to be small and spread out. I had managed to move all but 3k out of neteller, and requested the last 3k the day after the neteller founders were arrested and while those types of transfers were still allowed bt neteller. A week later they say that there is no way to withdraw, and my withdrawal is still pending. They are basically holding all US customers hostage, as I see nothing in the new law (and the rules don't even exist yet) to prevent them from completing withdrawal requests. Well enough about the legal stuff, and on to my new addiction.

Resistance Fall of Man

I lucked into a Play Station 3 the weekend after Christmas when I found one in stock. I bought "resistance fall of man" and "need for speed" to try it out with. Resistance is a very impressive first person shooter type game. I went through the campaign mode in about three weeks of play. A couple weeks ago, I thought I would try out the online version where you play on teams with real people all around the world. It takes the game to a "hole nodda levol". It is a lot harder, a lot more intense, and 10 times as addicting. I find myself wanting to play it over poker almost all of the time. And since the wife does not have a problem with me playing video games (not gambling), I get less grief for doing it. It is more fun, and more intense than poker, but not as mentally stimulating. I prolly will lean more towards playing the PS3 over poker until the legal stuff shakes out.

So what about the ladder challenge? I am going to kill it at 9000 hands which I will get done in the next day or two. I will also do the full report that I have promised this week. I am sure this is a phase, and I will jump head first back into poker again soon. It would be nice to know I will get paid my winnings though.


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