Wednesday, February 07, 2007

$2328 Ladder Challenge Over

No I didn't go busto. I simply pulled the plug. The games are much tougher now, and I wanted to follow the criteria for playing I have had in place from the beginning. It has been just to difficult to get any playing time in at what I would call a juicy table. Wes mentioned in his blog that he has moved down to 2/4 NL for bankroll protection reasons. With others out there like him doing the same, my pathetic little game does not stand much of a chance. I will probably wait this out in "play for fun" mode for a while. Any way, above are my final basic stats for the challenge. I was not able to finish positive at 2/4 NL which was the most disappointing thing about the challenge. Statistically it is hard to see why this is true. My guess is that it was simple variance and the pretty small sample size.

Above is the chart from the ladder challenge profits. The ladder roll was seeded with 1k and as you can see, I never had to go into the seed money. In the chart, you can see that I had issues banging through the 2/4 NL threshold. This was only relieved by my inability to find good 2/4 NL tables. I would play down a level if I could not get on a good table at the prescribed level. With a solid win rate at 1/2 NL for the entire challenge, I was able to overcome the losses and break even session at 2/4 NL and move the roll up towards the 3/6 NL threshold. The leveling off at the end was a combination of my lack of consistent playing time (rusty), and the tables starting to get tougher over the last few weeks.

Above is a quick look at some of the statistics from the challenge. I will be going much more in depth on this in the next few days. I was 3-tabling the entire challenge so the total hours are about 1/3 what is shown, and the win rate is about 3x or $28.50/Hr. Only about 46 hours of play and this thing went for more than three months. 4 hours a week???? You MTTers put that in on a nightly basis, lol.
More in depth analysis to come, and I will also reveal the key adjustments that I made to my game that helped me break through at 1/2 NL.



At 11:23 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I'm curious to hear specifically how you think these games are harder, Blinders. I ask because I have to say, as a purely mtt guy I am having as much success as ever (if not more), and I am finding just as many donks as ever as well in these events. I too suspect this will decrease a bit over time, but I cannot say I see any noticeable difference in the play in mtts on full tilt and pokerstars since the Neteller thing happened last month.

I'm also curious to know your thoughts on playing against the tougher competition as a cash gamer, because frankly, to the extent there are a bit fewer donks and a bit more real poker players in my mtts, to me that is all good. I've been begging for donk-free tournaments for ages, where the dickdonks won't call my allin early on with my TT against their AJo, the donkeymove of all donkeymoves. So to the extent that I can get that, I have the suspicion that my game will improve, not get worse.

What do you think of that little theory there? Do you think it might be true for mtts but not so much for cash games maybe?

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Blinders said...


I think the cash games dry up quicker, because it takes a bigger roll to play them. MTTs will get tougher as well and probably sooner rather than later. The sites are raking money away, and very little is being deposited. So in total the money in play is going away.

You want to stick it through though if you are serious about your game. You will be playing against better players on a regular basis. When the legal thing shakes out you will be ready to capitalize. Plus there is probably better live games than ever right now.

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Blinders said...


Oh yeah, specifically cash games are tougher in these ways.

1) % to see flop is down a measureable amount.

2) Higher% of known players with full stacks to unknown shortstacks at most tables.

My table selection criteria wieghts those two things the higest, and I just can't 3-table anymore very easy like a few weeks ago.

At 6:39 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey Blinders this is really interesting. I just posted about this on my blog today, love to have you stop by and post those figures you just mentioned in my comments if you're interested. Very interesting to me that the actual mathematical numbers for the tables are noticeably changed from just a month ago. Scary, in fact.


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