Monday, February 26, 2007

Ladder Challenge - More Statistics

Below is the detail statistics from PokerTracker from the challenge. I am not going to comment too much on this, other than I am revealing for the first time how I have a higher post flop aggression factor than the likes of smokkee or lucko who you would think are more maniacal then me. The secret is post flop I go into fold or bet mode most of the time. I avoid making calls in most cases post flop unless I am slowplaying, on a good draw that I can't semibluff (because someone beat me to the bet), or I am floating. I really think this is the correct way to play NL holdem post flop (especially if you are tight preflop). With the mixture of types of hands that you would call with (above), and raise/bet with, which includes made hands, monsters, draws, bluffs and semibluffs, it is very hard to figure out what you are doing, and find a strategy to counter it. There are other formulas that work, but this is what works for me. The hourly rates shown do not take into account for multitabling. I averaged about 3 tables at a time throughout the challenge.

Below are my hands sorted by position. This is a pretty normal distribution except for the #2 seat which must have been distorted by a few big losses. I posted $4,022 in blinds during the challenge. This is why you can't just play AA or KK or just pairs. Playing only pairs would have left me with a loss of about 1k. I do a pretty good job of fighting through the blinds, though I am not big on defending in cash games. I do a pretty good job of stealing from the SB when folded to me, and try to call smallish raises from the BB when implied odds dictate it. As much as I try to stay at full tables, you can see that I was at 8 player tables about 1/2 the time based on the lack of hands from the #6 position. You can also see how I tend to raise more in position than out of position.

Below is by final hand type. As expected, high card hands and 1 pair hands are not profitable in NL holdem. TPTK is not GOLD in NL. Usually, I do best with 3 of a kind, FullHouses, and flushes. Two-pair hands are the winner here which is a bit unusual. I won a nice pot on a flopped straight flush which you can see below, and the 7 times I would have made quads, I never went past the flop.

Below is sorted by month and level. I was pretty consistent month to month. For 2/4 NL, I had some success early, but then struggled. You can see that the amount of time I spent playing dropped off in 2007. I really do not play much at all right now, but hopefully that will change soon.

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At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting reading.

At 1:09 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

don't fold quads ever.


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