Friday, November 17, 2006


I only played about 100 hands, but made a small profit at 1/2 nl. I am focusing very hard on table selection. If I don't see some easy tables, I don't play. It seems to be working, but too early to tell. Table selection has to be huge for those who crush the higher limits.

Smokkee thought I was hiding my post flop aggression on the last post. I am not, see above. If you compare to Smokkee, I am more aggressive post flop than him. There is a big reason for this, but I will make smoke try to figure out why. My stats are getting more in line with what long term will be, but the win rate is higher than I will be able to maintain (its close to $100/hr right now). I think you need about 3000-5000 hands before the sample size gets significant, and I am not close to that yet.

I kind of donked out of the DADI last night, when I pushed in on a flush draw. 6-handed is not my strongest game. If I get chips early in 6-handed, I can cause some problems, but If I don't I'm in a lot of trouble. So after I drifted well below an average stack, I made a questionable move against the chip leader, that didn't work out, ooops!


At 11:33 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

ok mr AA/KK. can't wait to see your stats after 10k hands.


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