Monday, October 09, 2006

Is Sportsbook Bonus Whoring Here to Stay?

Well, I went 2-1-1 on my NFL picks. Technically I went 1-1-2, but when I got around to placing the NE bet on Sunday, I only laid 9 points. Thats technically a win, so 2-1-1. Anyway, I am not here to brag in this post, although I did win $20 on my picks.

What did I do on my weekend.

1) Had over $3600 bet in total on the three Baseball games Saturday.

2) Pushed $1780 in action when the St. Louis Rams won by exactly 3 points.

3) Went Busto in my account on BetUSA

4) Went Busto in my account on Bodog and reloaded $1800 back in just for sports bets.

5) Was going to put about 2k in action on the Baseball game Sunday night, but was not getting the right odds.

6) Deposited $1500 in Canbet and ran the account north of $3600 in less than 8 hours where it still stays.

7) Won about $200 with zero risk and about 30 minutes time by doing what's listed above.

Welcome to the world of the Sportsbook bonus whore. I lost about $50 on item #1, while clearing over $100 in bonuses. Item #2 was a pure win, as I cleared bonus with all bets refunded due to the push. Busting in the two sportsbooks, allowed my to clear about $70 more without having to make the required bets. Pure profit. The reload at bodog, gets me another $180 of their money, of which I will spend about $70 blowing through. With my balance at Canbet so high I need to start betting 1k+ so I have some chance of ruin there. Free money is real money. I will take it while it lasts.


At 4:35 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

shoulda just bet $200 on the chargers. easy money.


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