Monday, September 25, 2006

New NFL Free Bet and Online Sportsbook Bonus Whoring

Well, I hit 3/5 of my posted picks for a slight loss for the weekend. I had too much on Chicago, and they missed covering by 1/2 point, or it would have been a great weekend. After reading Scurvy's writeup on sportsbook bonus whoring I thought I would give it a try. I did find something pretty cool.

$100 Free Monday Night bet on

You sign up new on their site, place $100 on Atlanta -3.5 for tonight, and if you lose they refund the bet. Just like Mansion, and no play through requirements as well. I think they are running this promo all season, so you can wait for next week if you want. It is limited to 1000 per week, so chat with support, and make sure the offer is still open before placing your bet. I already placed mine.

If you decide to go for it, you might want to try bonus whoring the online sportsbooks. Read scurvy's post for details, but I will give you the basics. You open at least 2 accounts on different sites with sign-up bonuses. You want to find bonuses that have easy clearing requirements. For example, a 10% bonus could have a 2x wagering requirement, and a 20% bonus could have a 4x to 5x wagering requirement. Lets assume you deposit $1000 at a 10% bonus on two different sites with a 2x clearing requirement. You will need to bet 2x the deposit plus bonus on both sites to earn the $200 bonus or about $2200. At regular bet 11 to win 10 odds, you will break even if you bet both sides of the same game at different sites bonus wise (i.e. you will have lost about $200 after making enough both side bets). However, if you shop for the best lines, you can easily get better. I found lots of games where you could get bet 10.50 to win 10 on both sites, or variations like that (even on 1 side, 11 to win 10 on another). You just find some bets like this, and place them. You will end up getting 1/2 of the bonus for free $100 in the example minimum, if you make these type of bets. If you open more accounts, or try harder you will find better deals than than that and make even more. Some sites offer reload bonuses, that will allow you to do this forever. Also, you can try to bet enough on one site to bust out, before the requirements are met. If this happens you just made even more money because you will not have to clear the wagering requirements on that site. Make some huge bets, and it is easy to bust out, but you can't really go back to that site again.

It is a little bit of work, but worth it. Some good places to find imbalances in the lines are first 1/2, and halftime football lines. Also, go with sites like pinnacle that have better then the typical bet 11 to win 10 and your golden. Some bets that I made over the weekend towards clearing are shown below.

$200 (+115) on Tampa +3
$200 (-110) on Carolina -3.5

This was a bit balzy and a bad example for a couple of reasons. First, if Carolina won by 3, I would push one and lose one. Also, I did not bet it to win the same on both. Tampa covered, and I was paid $430. So I made $30 while clearing $400 in betting requirements.

For tonight I have:

$200 (+105) on Saints (1st half) +2.5
$210 (-115) on Falcons (1st half) -2.5

This one was placed about right where I should lose 2.5% on the combined bets. Anything less than losing 5% combined is actual profit once the bonus clears.


At 9:34 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

seems like a lot of work. you ARE the poster child for bonus whoring.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

shoulda took the saints or hedged it. call 800-MNF-Guaranteed-Winner for next week's pick.


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