Friday, October 06, 2006

The Sky is Not Falling - FullTilt is Here to Stay

It appears that my little corner of the poker universe will not be effected after all. FullTilt sent me an email that said that they have reviewed the matter legally and will not be pulling out of the US market. A public fuck you to Frist and company. Let the lawsuits begin. With the high profile American pro's that are partial owners of FullTilt, I really thought they they would cave in. I think I understand the strategy here and it is brilliant.

FullTilt is positioning themselves to capture most of the US market once the majors pull out. At a minimum the will get the majority of Party's traffic. They could easily triple their player count immediately. So they sit back and rake in massive $$$$$ until it happens. One of their big name pros is arrested for breaking the law. It will be an very public arrest as you can imagine. It could happen in a couple of weeks or nine plus months from now. Who knows. FullTilt will vigorously defend their client. He will be out on bail immediately, and they will string this out in court for years. Meanwhile they take in more and more and more money from the US players.

Five years from now when they get close to deciding the case, the industry landscape will have shifted dramatically. The case could be thrown out before that point if online gaming becomes regulated/legalized. Worst case, they go ahead and convict the pro. The maximum 5 year sentence is reduced to 1.5 years, and he is paid a $10,000,000 hardship bonus upon release. Meanwhile they are all multi-multi-millionaires. Pure genius.

With FullTilt as my home and favorite site, and bodog, WSEX, Wpx staying in, I will still be able to play where I play 95% of my games now, and have several sportsbook options as well. Time to stop worrying for me. If your not already with FullTilt click on my link or use Bonus Code Blinders. Lol, my first real attempt at pimping.

Lastly, on Wednesday after studying all this crazy stuff, I came up with a huge idea for a business. I can't really say anything more at this point, because it is so big it must be protected. In time I may bring a few of you along for the ride.


At 12:27 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

dude, you crack me up. monday you're telling me the ride is over. now, you got this scenario where Lederer's gonna be breaking rocks in a jumpsuit.

what a donk.

At 8:53 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yeah that was a pretty big flip, Blinders. You should run for President with flim flamming like that.

And btw if your big business idea is hiring yourself out to repeatedly maim and injure Lee Jones and his family for his redickulous river suckouts on pokerstars, too late. I already thought of that one months and months ago plan. Let's just say plans are in the works.

Why don't you come and be a man and play in the Hoy tournament tonight. While we still can!


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