Thursday, September 28, 2006

S&G Results, and Random Ramblings

I have been on a S&G kick for the last week. I used to play mainly the 18 player type, but have been running just the $10 9-player ones lately. My results through 66 trials is shown above. I think I am doing pretty good. I rarely finish in 9, 8, or 7 so my cash% is right around 50%. ROI and hourly win rate are pretty good as well. If I can run the $20 and $30 versions statistically as well, and in the past there has never been a big difference between these levels, I could be making $60-90 per hour just running low limit S&Gs. The only real negative from the data is that I am bubbling out too much, but this is probably a result of my early uber-tightness.

So where do I go from here? I need to get the ladder challenge going soon, so I need to keep playing some cash games. PartyPoker has a reload bonus, and I think PokerStars does as well. I will probably reload both Party and Stars, and play cash games at Party and S&Gs at Stars. If my cash game feels right, I will go ahead and start the ladder challenge.

I watched the WSOP coverage last night of the final table, and I have to say I am very impressed with Jaime Golds performance. It was also one of the more entertaining final tables from the last few years. I love how he would talk about his hand everytime and seriously mind-fuck his more experienced competition. He got two of the best players at the table to go all-in preflop with JJ to lose to his QQ. He took a balzy coinflip to knock out A.C. when he realized that getting rid of AC would not be easy. Then when he got heads-up, against a player who stated that he would beat Jamie heads up if he had at least 1/10th of the total chips, he mind fucked the crap out of him into calling an all-in push when behind. It was absolutely classic. Jaime, actually questioned the Ballz of his opponent on the final hand when talking him into the call (ESPN bleeped "Balls", lol). You have to admit that he got a sick run of cards, but he was playing well, and none of his more sophisticated opponents could figure him out. AC was just sick when he relalized he would be coinflipping for his tournament life. It was also funny as hell to see AC looking out of the corner of his eyes at Jaime once again reraising his river bet with a better hand. It was driving AC nuts, but he made a bunch of huge laydowns where a lesser player would have tilted and pushed.

Lasty, I have to remind everyone of the free $100 Monday night bet on If you missed out on the Mansion offer, here is another chance at some free money. I took the bet last week and lost, but they refunded my money. I was going to bet Atlanta anyway, so I think it was +EV even with the loss, as I saved some of my own money. You have to take Green Bay this week, so hedging might be considered.


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