Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Pwn The OCPT

I was watching South Park the other night, and they had a new episode where the kids were playing World of Warcraft. There was some high level guy going around killing people for no reason. So, Cartman had the guys train for like 7 weeks straight, so they could try to kill this guy. So when they finally knock him down Cartman says "Looks like your about to get Pwnd!" before smashing his head to bits with a battle axe. I could not stop laughing. I am not sure if it is the online role playing games or the online poker community that came up with "Pwnd", but lol when Cartman uses it.

I Pwn the OCPT.

Last night was the monthly gathering of the top amateur players from the OC. We ended up with 13 players and a $420 prize pool. I did my usual card dead early, hang around, steal a few pots near the bubble, go maniac once the bubble burst, make a nice cash, rinse, repeat. This time it was a second place finish for my 8th cash in the last 10 events and a huge all-time cash lead. I am the best live tourney player ever, or at least in the OC until someone wants to prove otherwise. Even the mighty Smokkee cowers at the thought of competing with the OCPT crowd. Yes, I am calling out any OC players who think there better than me. Drop a comment if you want a piece.

I never really got much going for most of the night. Late before the rebuy period, I raised 5x with JJ and pushed over on a 884 flop. Ooops he had K8s. Rebuy, Rebuy. After the rebuys, I split a pot with AK vs. AK, A on the flop. So I just treaded water until we got down to the bubble 5-handed. I was the shorty, but still had some time to operate. Drew was on my right with a monster stack that he luckboxed himself into. I stole a pot or two, and Drew kept giving me a walk in the BB. Prolly cause I took him out heads up last time. I managed to chip up just a little in the process, while Drew donked off some chips to the others (I hope your not one of my three readers Drew). Then, he pushed into me from the SB before I had peeked at my cards. Rather then just fold, I decided to take a look at a nice pair of Aces. I call, hoping to get Beth who had limped to come along, but no luck. I have Drew barely covered and the bubble is burst. I also finally have some chips. A couple hands later, Beth knocks out the other two when she spikes a K with the worst hand after getting all-in preflop.

Beth had me outchipped about 3 to 1. We battled for about a half hour. I made some great laydowns, and won my coinflips. Eventually, I had the chip lead. When Beth pushed preflop, I called with A9o. She had KQo and spiked a K on the flop. She had me covered by just 2 chips. If I can win that hand (60/40 ish) I win the tournament.

I Rawk at live tournies. I suck at online ones though. Smokkee let me see my FullTilt Stats, and I am down about $400 over 40 MTTs. Good thing I have the OCPT to make me think I am the shizzle. A win in the Big Game could make all the difference to my stats. Has it already been broughten?


At 10:34 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

dude, you can't really call the monthly OCPT a tournament. there was only 13 players in the last one. the 2nd chance mOOK had 14 players in it. LOL

that shorthanded sng doesn't interest me. there's no prize pool and it's a bunch of donks who don't know when it's their turn to act and misdeal at least once an orbit. i'd rather spend my time online where i can make some real $$$.


"Newport Player of the Year"

At 10:36 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

btw, have you ever final tabled a blogger tourney? get a freakin clue.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Blinders said...


I can't talk smack when I am the undesputed champion, lol? Also the OCPT is more like 16 players on average and the buy in is 3.5x the mOOK. If you read the entire post, you will see that I admit that I suck at online tourneys.

Just trying to call out you and other OC bloggers who may want a piece of my smack talking ass in a live tournament.

See you in the big game. At least I am not afraid to do the online MTT thing, even though I suck.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

we gladly accept your charitable donation to the Big Game. look forward to seeing you there if you don't puss out at game time.


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