Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 18

I had a pretty good early session on Day 18 and gave it all back in a late session. I am suddenly finding myself paying off flushes and that has to stop. Tonight is the Newport Poker Open on PokerStars. Smokkee is ahead of me in the season standings $342 to $340. Since this is the last event of the season, I will need to finish ahead of Smokkee, and cash to take the title. Smokkee was kind enough to put a $10 bounty on me for tonights event. He must be worried. I have pretty much been only playing cash games lately. Today, I am going to run a bunch of Sit & Goes to get the tournament rust off, and be ready for the big event tonight. One of my stated goals for 2006 was to take the Newport Open Title. Tonight's the night to seal the deal.

FullTilt 293h -32.50
Party 223h +28.45
Day 18 Total -4.05

Challenge Total +769.50


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