Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day 11

I played exclusively on PartyPoker on Day 11, chasing down a fresh $100 bonus. I love the players on Party. My style of play works well against most of them. These guys tend to let you grab the small pots with little to no fight, but at the same time tend to get way out of line in the biggest pots. I couple times I called a 4x raise preflop with a small pair looking to flop a set. Then I would miss in a three way pot with a couple big cards out there. Normally, I am gone in these situations, but these guys went super weak after the flop, and seemed to beg me to buy the pot. I did both times. I probably should make this my main site, but I hate the software interface. It is harder to multitable, when you can't see your own avatar. For some reason, I have never been able to get PokerTracker working on Party. I have it set up, and it imports the hands, but I never see them in the data base. Without stats and without PokerTracker, it will be hard to report how many hands that I played, but I will report how many raked hands I played which I can see in the bonus section.

PartyPoker 257rh +143.55
Day 11 Total +143.55

Challenge Total +688.95


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