Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Day 17

Going into the day, I thought I had a decent chance of closing the challenge out. It looked like I would have some time to play, and the tables had been real fishy over the labor day weekend. One huge day would do it. So what happened? I made a bad call, went on tilt and started spewing chips. I suck. This is how it happened.

I limp from the BB into a 5 way pot with J9o. Flop comes J9x with two hearts. I bet $3 and get raised up to $8. It is not to likely that there is a set out there considering I have two of the flop cards. I am thinking AJ, KJ or something along those lines. I call. Turn brings a heart completing the possible flush. Wow, did not want to see that. I check, just to see what happens. Other guy bets $10. My check looks weak so this guy might be representing the flush. The reraise on the flop made me think that he had a made hand and not a flush draw. I call looking to see what happens on the river. River is a blank. I check, and the other guy bets $40 into a $45ish pot. Bluff sirens were going off in my head. Why bet so much if you have the flush? I figured there was a pretty good chance my 2-pair was still ahead, so I call. He had the nut flush. I think I really screwed this one up. I need to reraise the turn to represent the flush. A min raise to $20 would have done it, and I could have released the hand to a rereraise saving me $30. Bottom line is I misplayed the hand. The other guy was good, and played it real tricky, and I started tilting which is usually pretty rare for me.

I little while later, I got QQ in the SB at the same table and had about 60 behind. A couple of limpers then the cut-off raised to 4x. I min raised to 7x. I like to min raise with hands like QQ and JJ preflop to see if I am up against AA or KK early in the hand, and this was my goal. He reraises me back to $13 total. I tank. That was not what I wanted to see. I am not realy getting the rule of 10 here, so I can't draw to a set. Its fold or push. I'm tilting so I go with the push option (partially because I did not have a full stack which would have made folding or calling easier). He flips up the KK which I pretty much knew he had. I end up flopping a Q, but he turns a K and the best hand wins. I realize that I am way tilted and end the session.

I don't play the rest of the day, but put in a late session to try to get some back. I go pretty card dead, and drop some more. As I am rotating out to end the session, I pick up AQ UTG and min raise to $2 for some reason. 5 callers. I will need to hit the flop big, and I do. Flop AQx with two spades. I decide to make a weak lead, and see if someone comes over the top. I bet $4 into an $11 pot, and a shorty pushes in for about $18 more. This is enough to put me up for the late session. This was on Party, and you don't get to see the cards. Turns out he had Ah 5h, and ended up hitting his runner runner flush to win. Damn. Not my day.

FullTilt 79h -110.20
Party 163h -81.70
Day 17 Total -191.90

Challenge Total +773.55


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Lifesagrind said...

Just remember...no matter how bad you feel things are going, it's always going worse for someone else. You've been running really well this month and an off day isn't out of the ordinary. Just don't have 3 off weeks like I did. :)

At 10:48 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

you had to figure you were due to have a downswing during this. you'll bounce back fine. check out sum 1/2 nl already, sheesh.

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

I have been running real well during this challenge, and I was way due for a day like that. I am just a little disapointed that it was my play that caused it more than anything. I didn't want to say anything about running good in the blog, because that always seems to destroy my game.


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