Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day 12

Another day at Party. I had a nice winning session early, then got a email from PokerTracker letting me know how retarded that I am. Turns out I forgot to check the 100NL and that is why no hand histories from Party. It's the same limit I play everywhere, but its got a different name. So I check the 100nl and see my stats at Party for the first time. I only have 2000 hands stored, but I am winning at $36/100 hands which is close to $90/hr not counting any bonuses. My statistics are pretty similar to what I have on FullTilt, but my win rate is about 3 times higher. It is probably a combination of Party being way fishier, and the small sample size of me running pretty good. I configured PokerAce HUD for Party, and ran my first session there ever with the HUD.

About 10 minutes in, I open to $4 (4x) from the button with 99. SB reraises me to $11 total, BB folds and its back on me. SB has about $70 behind. When the preflop betting starts to get north of 10x, I start to be very concerned that AA or KK is out there. With this guy in the SB, I don't think he is defending with crap. A range of TT-AA and AK is way ahead of me here. I could play for a set, but I am barely geting the rule of 10 here. I fold and make a mental note of this guy on my left.

About three hands later, I open raise to $3 with AQo, and same guy min raises me to $6. Normally, I would give solid weight to folding, but I am not going to put this guy on AA/KK twice in 4 hands, and the reraise seems too small for AA/KK anyway. I call and take a QT5 rainbow flop. This guy seems to be aggressive, so I check to let him do the betting. He bets $11, I call. Turn is a 5, and I decide to let him bet it agian. He bets $22. I started the hand with about $80. A call here pot commits me. It is a push or fold situation. My read is he does not have the AA/KK, and with no flush or straight, my 2 pair is ahead of nearly all other hands. I push, he insta-calls with AA, and I rack out.

This was my first rack out since Day 2 of the challenge where I ran set into higher set twice. I don't really like the way I played the hand, but I think you could argue it was correct. I hate getting into big pots like this with just a pair, but I did. Anyway, that loss pushed me down for the day. The $100 bonus should be cleared on DAY 13, but I may stay on Party for a while and see if I can keep up a higher win rate then I get on FullTilt.

PartyPoker 670h -52.35
Day 12 Total -52.35

Challenge Total $636.60


At 6:54 AM, Blogger Veneno said...

Cool picture for your profile! It was fun hanging with you at the races!

I will have to try to make one of those home games. Please send information.


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Blinders said...

Its a cool picture, cause its from the WSOP. It makes my lips look too small though. Do you now anyone handy with an airbrush?


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