Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 13

I played just enough to clear the $100 reload bonus on Party Poker. It was a pretty wild session where I won a few big pots, which made up for quite a few tough situations that I got into. The biggest trouble I seem to get into at Party and other sites, is when people play super weak with a decent holding. On one hand I had TT and bet it the whole way against a safe looking low board. KK called me down and won. On a very similar hand, I had KQ hit a Q high flop, and bet it the whole way. Again KK shows up out of no where. Now that the bonus has cleared, I am not sure If I will go back to FullTilt or not. I need to check out what incentives the two sites are offering for September.

PartyPoker 325h +8.00
PP 100/100 bonus +100.00
Day 13 Total +108.00

Challenge Total +744.60


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