Friday, August 25, 2006

Day 6

Another pretty good day. I ran up quick early and could have booked a nice win, but kept playing and got in the most hands so far in the challenge. It looks like I will be leaving bonus money that expires tonight on the table at FullTilt which kinda sucks. It was a wild day with up and down sessions, but I finished nicely up.

At the end of the night, I was getting a little burned out on the cash games, so I ran 4 S&Gs. Two were $5.50 HORSE, one was a $11 6p holdem, and one was $6.50 9p turbo. I took second in the 6 max, only after getting my heads-up opponent all-in and drawing to 4 outs on the river (which he hit). I took 3rd in the 9 player turbo. In the HORSE, I went out semi early in one, and was left with >200 in chips in the other with 4 left. Somehow, I clawed and stole my way to heads up 11k to my 1k against the long time chip leader. I played super aggresive, and got up to 4.5k, but was knocked back to 1k at the break. After the break it was holdem, and this guy seemed to be a stud specialist. I pushed hard nearly everyhand, and rallied back to take the lead in the holdem segment, and finished it off for the win a couple hands into the Omaha. I was on life support for like 30 minutes, but pulled out my first HORSE win. Yeah! Overall I cashed in 3/4 S&Gs and really should have won 2 of them.

FullTilt 806h +95.55
FT 240/300 bonus +20.00
FT 260/300 bonus +20.00
Sit & Gos +23.30
Day 6 Total +158.85

Challenge Total: +462.60


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey Blinders, excellent post the day before about how you select your cash tables. I like your "Rule of 3", it's something I've never really considered before.

And I'm like you, in general I tend to like more players per pot, but I do agree that a lot of those stats can go either way.

Best of luck, I look forward to keeping up with the challenge.


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