Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day 10

I started the day off with a tough session where I was down early, but came back late to cut the losses way down. There were a couple of interesting hands. One I limped with AT late and hit a T45 rainbow flop. I minraised a pot bet and got heads up after the flop. A 6 came on the turn, and for some reason I was worried about the straight. Turn went check/check. Then the river dropped a 9, and I called a 2/3 pot bet and lost to 56o. The guy bet/calls the reraise on the flop with 2nd pair crap kicker, pretty much drawing dead then hits 2 pair on the turn while the board appears safe. I could have reraised bigger I guess. Ultimately, the way I played it cut my losses. The second hand I had 93o in the BB and flopped 99A. I check called the flop, check raised the turn, and the board ended up 99A43 giving me a rivered boat. On the river, I bet $5 and was rerasied to $10. Looking at the board, I was only getting beat by AA, A9, and 94. AA was pretty much out the way the hand was played, and 94 is not a MP limping hand. I actually considered checking behind, but figured I had to be ahead, and it would be worth throwing out another bet. I figure I get called by any 9, maybe any A. I reraise $5 more, and the guy tanks. Eventually he calls, and I know I have won, but he flips up A9 and drags the pot. Donk! The table started ripping this guy apart for not reraising at the end. They were right, but don't tell him that. I typed in "nough coaching".

I played another session later, and won back what I had lost earlier plus a small amount extra. I thought about booking the win, but that really needs to stop. So I ran some low limit S&Gs to be on the safe side. I ended up cashing in just 1/5, with 3 bubbles. I saw tripjax in a HORSE S&G and nearly stacked him when I had AA vs. QQ early, but it was limit and I only got 1/2 his stack.

PartyPoker has an August Reload Bonus, so I will be playing there for the next 2-3 days clearing $100 in free money.

FullTilt 368h +12.15
S&Gs -19.70
Day 10 Total -7.55

Challenge Total +545.40


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