Wednesday, August 02, 2006

S&G Machine, Razz, and the FT8K

I have become quite a S&G machine as of late. I used to crush the 18P S&Gs, but left them for a more consistent cash game. I only had a couple of weeks between the WSOP and a 2 week vacation in Maui that will be poker free, so I have been playing S$Gs exclusively. I have been running pretty good in them. I have been playing a crazy mix of 9P/18P/45P, turbo/no-turbo, and have been keeping records. Too little data for trends, but in general I am doing well across the board. It would be interesting to compute my win rate, but I have not tried.

I am kind of just chillin poker wise right now. When I get back from Maui, I am going to do the DoubleAs ladder challenge and try to jump my cash games stakes up quick. I already have 1k of my bankroll put aside at Party for that purpose. The promo they are running right now, where they rebate you cash at the end of the month looks cool, but I will miss 1/2 of the month.

I have dabbled some at Razz cash games on FullTilt. I am about break even over all. I don't really have my preflop strategy down yet, so I am probably not folding nearly enough early. It seems like with a dialed in preflop strategy, you could crush that game pretty easy.

A funny thing happened when I bought in for $200 the other day at a $.50/1 Limit Razz game.

Razzy: Think that's a little overkill
Blinders: I like to bully the table

About 20 hands in, I had a pretty good draw to a low, but had KK showing up. I called Razzy down and made a 7 on the end, then checkraised him.

Razzy: Luck
Blinders: Skill
Razzy: Luck
Blinders: Skillz, I had outs for days
Razzy: lol, you had 2 Kings showing
Blinders: You should try betting more, $1 don't scare me when I got $200 behind
Razzy: This is limit
Blinders: So

I tilted this guy bigtime, and figure he dropped an exra $2 to me over the session as a result.

I had a streak of 0-7 on the $8+.70 Token S&G recently that was pretty funny. I have to win way more than 1/2 of them long term, but I was in some strange funk I guess. Since I turned on the S&G machine a few days ago, I am back on track taking down 3/3 and one for a $14 consolation prize.

I used a token to run the FullTilt 8k last night. I also ran the Bodog 3.5k, and a PokerStars $20+2 tourney. They all started at 10PM pacific. If I could find two more MTTs that run 300-700 players, I could start 5 similar structure MTTs at once. I get knocked out of the bodog and the PS about 1/2 way through the field. I go my first 35 hands in the FullTilt without winning a pot. I still have like 1150 in chips, so I hang in there. At the first break, I got about 2k. Not much happens during the second hour, until late. I catch KK three times in two orbits, and win a bigger pot each time running my stack north of 10k. There are about 88 people left, top 63 paid at the 2nd break. I play pretty loose with my chips around the bubble and run my total up and down (as high as 17k, as low as 6k). We burst the bubble and clear two more tables pretty quick. I make a few blunders, and get my stack down to about 6k. Eventually blinds $500/1000, I open push from MP with KQs (4500 behind), and get called by AJo. No help and IGHN in 41/663. I think thats 2 for 2 now cashwise in this event which is decent, but again no where near the top. A few key hands playing out different would have been huge.


At 10:23 PM, Blogger Lifesagrind said...

My table banter never seems to be that witty :)

Ain't Razz a coooool game?


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