Friday, August 18, 2006

15 Days Without Poker

I'm Back!

15 days without poker is easily a record for me since I started playing seriously. And you know what? I hardly missed it. When your chillin in the islands (Maui, Big Island), with so much to do, its not hard to completely forget about poker altogether. I think the hardest thing was not being able to follow the WSOP ME, as I did not have internet access for the first week.

I have to congratulate the latest winner who was once again an amateur. I would like to dig in a little more, and see how he did it, but have not had the chance yet. Also nice job to A.C. for representing the established pros well.

So now that I am back, its time to shake things up a little and get back on track. To shake the rust off and grow the roll, I am going to do a 30 day challenge. Starting tomorrow, my goal is to win $1200 in 30 days. I will post daily as much as possible for the one or two of you out there who are interested. I will quit the challenge when I get to $1200 or to 30 days whatever comes first.

When the challenge is done, I am going to do the doubleas ladder challenge, and try to get moving up on the stakes quickly. I wanted to get to $5/10 nl by the end of the year, so I have lots of work to do. I will either use the $1000 I have at parked at Party or my winnings from the 30 day challenge to fund my ladder challenge. I am going to limit myself to 2-3 tables at a time until I am very comfortable at each level. Below is the structure I will use for the ladder challenge.

Starting Bankroll $1000+

Play .50/1 nl - Bankroll >$800
Play 1/2 nl - Bankroll $800-1600
Play 2/4 nl - Bankroll $1600-2400
Play 3/6 nl - Bankroll $2400-4000
Play 5/10 nl - Bankroll $4000+

A couple of notes:

1) My starting bankroll is just a small portion of my overall online bankroll, so it will not be too painful if I bust.

2) If I can get to $5000, I will remove the $1000 starting amount so I can freeroll the challenge.

3) My ultimate goal here is to make one of the higher levels my ATM. $.50/1 nl is my ATM right now, but it needs to be a higher, much higher.

Wish me luck and check often for updates. Again, I will be starting the ladder challenge after I work the rust off through my 30 day challenge.


At 11:45 AM, Blogger Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Also had the chance to get to Hawaii earlier in the summer -- Oahu only. Diamond Head out one hotel window, the blue blue water out the other. Big fun. And also didn't miss poker for the week I was there . . . .

Good luck to you as you move forward. Great blog.


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