Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 3

I tried to mix things up a bit today and play a few 18p sit&gos and the Hoy as well as the usual .50/1 nl cash game fare.

I ran 4 $10 18p S&Gs and got 11,6,4, and 4. I basically took coin flips to move up after the bubble in both cashes, but did not hit. In the 6th place finish, there was a guy with 14k in chips, and I could have limped into the money, but pushed too hard and was out kicked. Overall decent results, but an $8 loss.

In the Hoy, I was card dead bad the first hour, but stole a blind here and there to only slowly lose chips. Down to about 850 in chips, I pushed with 55 and got called by KK and was knocked down to about 170 in chips. Blinds were 100/200. I folded until my BB and won when my Q6 turned into broadway. I doubled through again a few hands later when my any two cards hit a T. I then reraised all-in with QQ for another over double-up. Then UTG I pushed with K4s, and got called by Jordan's KJo. I rivered a 4 for the boat, and was up north of 2500 in chips and at the final table. Down to 8, I took a ding to my chips, then after a late 3x open to 600, I reraised All-in to about 1650 from the button with ATo. A little tank time, but initial raiser called with 66 and I did not improve and was out in 8th. I like the move I made though. The raise looked a little "stealy", and I did have some folding equity there. As it was, I took a coinflip with pot odds with the dead blinds and antes. I needed to chip up in that situation so it was worth the risk.

Cash games were very good to me. I flopped the nut striaght, and got a guy to bluff an entire buy-in when the board paired on the turn. I got a set paid off big time, and caught AA a couple times (first two since my break).

FullTilt 373h +171.75
S&Gs -8.00
Monday at the Hoy -22.00
Day 3 Total +141.75

Challenge Total: +87.70


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