Monday, July 10, 2006

Vegas Trip Report Part A

Wow, what a weekend. So much happened, and I am not one to write an uberpost, so I will break this into a few manageable segments.

I got into town on Friday night at about 7pm. Checked into the trop, and wanted to go for a swim, but the pool was closed for the night. At 9:30, it was time to head across the street to the MGM, and meet those bloggers I have read so much about. The Trop gave me a free drink coupon on check-in, so I hit a bar at the trop on my way over. I didn't realize it was a "2 for 1" coupon. Those cheap bastards. Well it is vegas, so I double fisted a couple of Corona's, and strolled across the bridge to the MGM. I was parched from the drive, so I slammed them both down in short order.

I went around to the bar behind the poker room. There was a small crowd there, but I did not recognize anyone. I ordered a pint of sierra from the bar. I went up to the pauly looking guy and introduced myself. It was pauly's brother Derek. He was hanging out with Change100, and Yosoyveneno. Around the bar he pointed out Joe Speaker and Grubby. I met Mr. Speaker and Chad (from Playboy mansion puking fame), and eventually decide to warm-up on some 1/2 nl while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive.

I got seated right away. Speaker was at a table right behind me, and Mrs. Weak Player sat across from me. I picked up AK three times in three orbits. I raised to $10 each time. Got two callers each time, and took it down with a C-bet each time. I only hit the flop one of the three times. Then I limped with 63s in the SB. I missed the flop, and it checked around. I tried to buy it on the turn with a $6 bet but I got three callers. When the river came, I filled a straight I did not know I was drawing to, and bet out $15, and got a caller. I would quit an orbit later up about $35. Back the the bar.

When I got to the bar, I saw Pauly there so I introduced myself. Pauly bought a round, so I got another pint of Sierra. Al Can't Hang and Iggy were now in the house as well. I hung out with Pauly for a while, and gave him props for having the only "work friendly" coverage of the WSOP on the net. A little while later, I found Al alone at the bar. I would need to do a Soco shot at this point, so I offered to buy a couple shots. Al had had a few already, but was in no position to turn down a Soco shot. The bartender filled a couple of small glasses 1/2 full with soco. Holy Shit, that's not a shot, that's like 3-4 shots. We clanged glasses, and I slammed the 3 1/2 shots down. Al drank about 1/2 of his. Did Al just slow play me? A little later DoubleAs showed up at the bar. We talked for a while, and he said he wanted to play some 3/5 NL, so we got on the list. I ended up getting called right after DoubleAs and took a seat two to his left. This was probably not a great idea, as I was wasted at this point. I saw huge junk wandering the poker room (Is it gay to say that?), but I did not get a chance to say hi. I did a couple of orbits, and donked off some chips bluffing at a bad time. I ended up calling it quits down about $80 after deciding I was too drunk to compete properly. I called it a night, so I could get a little bit of rest for the blogger tourney. More on that in the next post.


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