Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vegas Trip Report Part (d)

Sunday morning, I would sleep in. The only plans were to meet at the Mandalay sports book, and watch the World Cup Finals. The hot tip was to bet France as the underdog, because either team could win. I liked the plan, but have never bet on soccer before. Also, I can't say that I fell into the world cup hype, plus betting on France would be hard for me to stomach. I like betting/watching football and basketball much better than the lower scoring baseball/hockey/soccer, but that's just me. Anyway, I slept in too late to catch the start of the game, and I also had one big task to complete before going home.

Pick up your seat assignment for Event #27 of the WSOP.

So off to the Rio I go. I have been there before, but never for the WSOP. I park, and then walk what seems like a mile through the casino and hallways until I can tell I am getting close. How can I tell? Was that just Jennifer Tilly that I saw in line for the Women's bathroom? I pass the PokerStars VIP Booth and wind my way into the massive hall that I have only seen on TV. In one section of the hall, roped off, there is just a ridiculous number of big-time pros. Pretty much everyone I have ever seen on TV is there. They are playing Omaha, and it appears to be very early in the tournament. One table has Marcel Luske, Jen Harmon, Mark Sief, Gus Hansen, Clownie Gowen, and Tex Barch. Wow, Marcel just busted Gus. Wow, Clonie is freaking hot in person! It's pretty intimidating being in a room with this density of big-time pros. It turns out it was the 10k pot limit Omaha event. That's why so many pros on so few tables. This is probably the one event (next to the 5ok HORSE), that has a smallish size field, and one of the better chances to bag a bracelet. Alright time to take care of business.

I go back to the PokerStars suite, and sign the waiver. They give me a plain black golf shirt with on it. I thought I was going to get a "swag bag" but oh well. I go to Will Call, and pick up my seating assignment.

WSOP Event #27 - Tuesday July 18th 12PM, Table #19 - Seat #2

This took about a minute, which was way cool. Its starting to sink in that I'm actually going to play in this thing. I like the low table number cause I think that means my table will not break.

I headed off the strip to a local casino that has .50 craps. The craps table was closed, so I played $3 BJ for about an hour and won $17. At around 5pm, it would be time to head back across the desert to the OC. What a weekend!

Gambling Totals for Trip

1/2 NL MGM +$35
3/5 NL MGM -$80
1/3 NL XCAL +$200
Blogger Tourney -$80
$3 BlackJack +$17

Total +$92


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