Sunday, July 16, 2006

Final WSOP Preparations - Online Bankroll $12,348

Last night, I ran three MTTs and one $75 token into the FullTilt 100 Seat WSOP tourney. I cashed in all three MTTs, and if my QQ could have held against A8 all-in preflop, rivered A, I play in 100 seat giveaway on Sunday as well. The three MTTs are listed below.

Bodog $3500 Guarantee ($10+1)

35th/382 for $19.10 payout. Went out short with 99 vs.TT all-in preflop.

FullTilt $9000 Guarantee ($24+2)

29th/602 for $50.57 payout. Went out pushing short from the SB with QTo. BB woke up with AKo.

FullTilt $5+.50 buy-in ($5+.50)

25th/470 for $11.75 payout. Went out pushing short from the SB with Q2o. BB called with Q8o

I started all three tourneys at 10pm Saturday night, and went 3+ hours in all of them for the cash. It was not a lot of money, but it feels great to cash 3 for 3 going into the WSOP. I got up to about 10k in all three tourneys, but went pretty card dead late, and was forced to make moves late in all three. I key hand here or there, and I could have final tabled at least one of them.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I decided to play some cash games on PartyPoker. I had about 450 raked hands to clear a reload bonus that would expire Tuesday. Since I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow afternoon, today would be my last chance to clear it. I ended up winning $450 in about 2 1/2 hours of play while clearing a $100 bonus. I called it quits, and will stop my preparations for the WSOP on this high note.

I have not updated my bankroll in a while, so here it is:

PartyPoker $3087
FullTilt $1981
Neteller $1866
WSOP #27 Seat $1500
DoylesRoom $1010
WorldPX $646
Titan $524 $498
PokerStars $383
Noble $318
CDPoker $230
Transfers $152
Mansion $108
Bodog $45

Total $12,348

I'm up about $1,100 since May 15th. A substantial drop off in profit rate from my last update. There are several reasons for this.

1) Played less poker recently.
2) Played more MTTs to get ready for the WSOP.
3) Less bonus money generated.
4) Got off to a bad start immediately after May 15th, and had to slowly dig my way out.

Overall, I am not to happy about my bankroll growth over the last two months, but I was not really doing what it take to maximize it. In early August, I will be in Maui for two weeks and will probably not play poker at all. After that trip, I will get my focus back to my cash game, and do what it takes to ladder up the stakes over the last part of the year. My game feels great right now, but a lot of it is I'm just running good.

This will probably be my last post before Event #27. I copied Lucko21 and will be staying at the Gold Coast across the street. I'm booked there for Monday and Tuesday night. It was only $37 a night, plus I can get a $30 rebate from for gas. When I make it to the second day of the tourney, I can extend my stay for one more night. After the Vegas blogger tourney, I was a little down. Feeling like I was not ready to compete at the WSOP. After this weekend, I feel much better about my tournament game. If the deck can hit me just a little, I can go deep. Looking forward to greatest poker experience of my life.



At 3:39 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey Blinders, GOOD LUCK in the WSOP!! Make SURE you post your updates here, ok? Best Of Luck and just play your game man. I'll be checking in regularly so make sure you give me something to read man. Find an internet kiosk somewhere if you have to and make a quick post. In fact, there is a "business center" about halfway down the hall to the convention center in the Rio, and you can use the internet there for like a $5 minimum. Make some update posts for me man.

Play Your Game. And don't slowplay those Aces unless you have been at a table for a while and have been pushing hard and then showing some strong starting cards.


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