Friday, December 23, 2005

Accidentally Hitting The Raise Button Never Seems To Work

When you multitable and are too cheap to use a high resolution monitor (me!), you have to overlap the four tables. As your quickly flipping from table to table, once and a while you hit the wrong button (usually the raise button), and this never seems to be a profitable move. I will have something like T3o, and accidentally reraise a rerasier preflop, then catch a small piece of the flop, try to steal and lose even more money.

Last night, I had 55 in one of the blinds, and called a 3x preflop raise. The flop came T84 rainbow, and I checked intending to fold unless I got a free card. I flip to some other tables, and when I came back to my horror, I had just reraised to $10, from a $5 initial better and a smooth caller. That sucked! But, wait a second. The initial rasier just folded and smooth caller looks like he is in the tank. Wow, the check raise on the flop looked real strong like I had flopped the set. Ooops, he called it, I am screwed. But look what came on the turn. My 5!!!! Wow is my hand disguised here. Only an idiot would have made that flop play with pocket 5s. I bet $10, get reraised to $25, and reraise the guy back for his entire stack which was another $12. He flips up pocket Ts for the nut set, and I need to catch a 1 outer on the river. No such like. Accidentally hitting the raise button never seems to work out.


At 8:57 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

Get a new monitor and move up to 1/2 NL, jeezuz.


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