Friday, December 16, 2005

Bonus Whoring

I like to chase bonuses. If you can play online for a profit, why not make a little extra money while doing it? If it was not for the lucrative bonuses offered by other sites, I would still be playing exclusively at PokerStars. I haven't played much at all on Stars lately because they rarely run a bonus. The key to bonus chasing is to play on sites where you can do well, and will allow your game to progress. The styles of players can vary wildly from site to site, and your style may be right or wrong for the new site that you are playing on. The first site, that lured me away from PokerStars was FullTilt. I love their software. I consider it to be a few generations beyond what PokerStars has. This site was designed by players for players and they did a pretty good job. When I 4 table on FullTilt at the .50/1 ring games, I earn about $10 an hour extra in bonus money. They run a 50% reload bonus about everyother month, and it takes me about 2 weeks to clear the $300 bonus. After clearing the reload last month on FullTilt, I went over to DoylesRoom chasing the $550 initial deposit bonus. I have done well so far over there, earning about $40 an hour through my play and an extra $10 an hour in bonuses which is very similar to what I do on FullTilt. I also started playing on Bodog which has a permanent 10% bonus on all deposits. What is cool about the Bodog bonus is you get it right away, and only can lose it if you withdraw funds before you clear it. The players are pretty bad at Bodog, but after clearing bonuses from $600, $1000, and $600 deposits ($220), I was only break even for my table play. For some reason I was not winning on this site (probably a statistical fluke I think), but with other bonuses to chase I decided enough was enough, and pulled most of my money out. Bodog does have a 100k tourney every Sunday that always is underfunded. I would check it out if you can. Anyway, FullTilt just announced another 50% reload bonus for the last part of December. They also have a 10k a day drawing, so it is like a double bonus. I am about half way clear on the DoylesRoom bonus, and have been playing there almost exclusively lately. There is no time limit to clear the DoylesRoom bonus. I went ahead and reloaded my FullTilt account, and plan on playing there exclusively through the end of the month. My DoylesRoom bonus can wait for now.


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