Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucksacking My Way Through The RiverChasers

I have always done well in the Riverchasers events.  My squeaky tight play goes nicely against the grain versus all of those crazy river chasers.  I typically don’t play a lot of pots, and don’t get it in bad much as a result.  Sure, to win an MTT you are probably going to have to get it in bad a few times and get lucky. I just do not like to rely on luck for more than a couple of hands over an MTT.  Last night I just about luck sacked myself into a BBT4 seat in probably the craziest MTT I have ever played in.  It was a wild ride and not very typical for how MTTs go for me.  I got it in bad a bunch, got coolered a bunch, got lucky a bunch, and somehow found myself heads up for the title with the chip lead against HighOnPoker.  Here is a recap of some of the craziness.

For the first hour I was very card dead and was treading water.  Shortly after the first break, I managed to build my stack up to north of 6k when I pick up AQs near the button.  I called a preflop raise, and an AQx flop dropped.  We got it all in by the turn, and I was against AA.  I am now down to T790 in chips and in big trouble.  I shoved from (edit) the cutoff with J9o to try to get some chips to work with.  CrackinAA called with A9 I think, and I out flopped him.  I would then go on a mini run catching AA a couple times and quickly building my stack back up to 5k.  I would then catch KK and crack AA with it by flopping a set.  Around the second break, I had the chip lead, and HOP was actually still pretty short with just over 2k.  Hoyazo had a ton of chips, and I was thinking about how cool it would be to go heads up with Hoyazo for the seat.  When I have this many chips at this point I don’t get too crazy aggressive, but simply try to slowly build my stack as we head to the Final Table where anything can happen.

It took a very long time to burst the cash bubble and get to the FT.  Eventually I had to step up and knock somebody out.  I would get the final table about third in chips with pretty equal stacks overall.  HOP was starting to build an overall chip lead.  I was treading water with pretty weak hands, and had drifted down to 6th in chips with 7 people left.  I am only playing for the win at this point, so I needed to be a bit more aggressive than usual.  The problem was I kept running into slightly better hands.  I picked up A7o in the BB and jammed when the SB bet 3x to T3600.  He would flip up AK and I would take a huge hit to my stack.  An orbit later I got A7o in the same situation and again the SB raised to T3600.  Again I jammed, and SB has TT.  A couple of 7s on the flop would keep me alive.  I like to jam this situation, because it can help you to get some walks later on, but I kept running into monsters.  I would pick up A7o again later on and get it all in against ATo and river a split pot.  The poker gods were clearly behind me.  HOP did the bulk of the work, and we got down to heads up pretty quickly from there.  I had about 17k in chips, while HOP was north of 100k.  I asked if he had won a seat and would be willing to chop.  I think he laughed at that point.  He was jamming every hand to try to end it and I folded through a few week hands before taking my stand with QJs.  HOP would flip over KK, and my night was over, right?  Not so fast!  The Poker gods dug me out again.  I caught a couple of big hands and rallied right back to the chip lead.  I asked again for a chop.  I know that chopping was pretty controversial in earlier BBT series, but it had been done.  I am only playing these things for the seat, and could care less about the cash prize.  I would have chopped for 1st and gave Jordan 1st+2nd place prizes for the seat, which would have been something like a +$270 EV choice for him, since he already had a seat, but he declined.  I am perfectly cool with that.  After that it went downhill pretty quick.  I kept making hands that were good, but slightly worse than HOP’s and bled away my chips.  Those are the breaks.  I can’t really complain, because I really had no business being in this situation.  I simply luck sacked my way to bridesmaid in the riverchasers.  



At 1:08 PM, Blogger Chad C said...

You shoved in the CO... And you should of been eliminated right there. Would I ever call a blinders UTG shove with A9? God no, because you are the most transparent player in the entire BBT. Your tournament poker "skill" might be the worst of any blogger, that is saying a lot. Life must be hard for you, you get AA, KK, AK all in against idiots who can't fold KQ and hold everytime. Can you imagine how dumb those people are to play hands like K high for a "blinders raise"? I would muck QQ to you if you raise in EP, in a heartbeat.... You really should accurately post your donkery if you are so proud of it.....

At 4:04 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Hey Blinders. For what its worth, I turned down the chop offer because (1) I didn't want to deal with the drama from the other participants, (2) I was in 3rd in the May leaderboard and knew I needed a win to catch up with qrs1 who also final tabled [not to mention 6th in the Overall Leaderboard], and (3) I had such a huge chip advantage at first that it didn't seem to make much sense. Even so, your offer of 1st + 2nd money, while hella tempting, would definitely come off as a buy-off and while I usually don't give a shit about the opinions of the masses, some people take the BBT4 a bit too seriously.

That said, it was good going HU with you.

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Blinders said...


My bad, I meant the cut-off (I will fix it). I was not trying to say your play was bad, but I guess it looked that way. Now your argument that I am the worst blogger MTT player does not really hold, if there are others that love to pay off my AA, KK, and AK every time. At least those players are worse than me, right?


No problem on the chop. I choose not to stay up to date with all the latest blogger controversies anymore. I thought it would be worth it to ask if I got HU with a seat holder. Thats it. In a negotiation you need to look after your best interest, and it sounds like you had plenty of reasons not to chop. It was a blast getting down to three handed with a couple of my favorite bloggers, so thanks for hanging in there. You had quite a run.


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