Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mookie Final Table

I made a deep run in last night's Mookie. It was a pretty improbable run, but I had a great chance at the win late. I was pretty low most of the way until I rallied late with some preflop jam double throughs. When we got down to about 12 players I was the shorty by far. We played through a lenghty FT bubble where I was supposed to get eliminated, but I fought, scratched, and clawed to stay alive. The FT bubble would finally burst and I would bring less than 5k to the FT and be a distant last place. I folded through a couple of eliminations, and then went on a triple up, double up, double up run to 65k in chips and the lead. The triple up and first double were with AQo in back to back hands. The next double was with a middle pair all-in preflop. I find it pretty easy to chip up at aggressive final tables as a low stack, and this gives me a chance whenever I make a blogger FT regardless of chip position. Both double ups were through aggressive players who were stabbing at the pot, and could not fold to my push. I am not saying they were not priced in to their plays, I am just saying that big hands are easy to double with at an aggressive Final Table. When a deep stack semi-bluffs or bluffs big at a pot, and you jam as a shorty, they often have to call. Sure they are priced in, but not nearly as good as you are. If you are willing to take stands at the right points, it is easy to get chips to move from the big stacks to the your small stack late. I hit some big hands and used them to move from worst to first in about an orbit. I would hold the lead down to four handed and had a realistic shot at my first mookie win. Eventually, I would lose the chip lead to an aggressive JJok, and end up getting bounced on a coinflip type hand in forth place. I am off to a nice start for April, but I will be lucky to get one of these blogger events in a week going forward.



At 6:31 AM, Blogger jjok said...

'Twas a good game. :)

Grats on the good finish


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