Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top Poker Bloggers at Fantasy Sports

Today I thought I would put down my unofficial rankings of poker bloggers at fantasy sports. I don’t play in any of the season long poker blogger fantasy leagues so my observations will be based only on play at Fantasy Sports Live. If you think you are one of the best poker bloggers at fantasy sports, and you are not already playing at fantasy sports live, not only were you not considered here, you are clearly leaving money on the table. You might want to put your money where your mouth is.

#1 Buffalo66

Buffalo66 is number two on the FSL leaderboard with about 1,700 cash wins in fantasy leagues at Fantasy Sports Live. This is pretty impressive considering he has only been playing at FSL for about a year. Buffalo66’s top fantasy sports are fantasy football, fantasy hockey, & fantasy NASCAR. He is an expert at table selection and as a result is one of the most profitable players on the site. He was also key in providing feedback that shaped our Fantasy Hockey, and Fantasy NASCAR offerings into something we can be very proud of at FSL. Currently, in his first try at the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle, he is locked in a tight race for the points lead with fellow poker blogger bonds.

#2 bonds

bonds while not a huge player yet on FSL, has done very well against the poker bloggers. Last year he finished in third in the blogger Fantasy Football Battle. This year he is leading it with the top score in three of the weeks this season. He is starting to catch on to the fact that top players can profit nicely at FSL, and that he has the ability to be a top player at fantasy football, and possibly other sports. He even started a blog dedicated to winning at fantasy sports live. As of today he has booked 54 cashes on the site.

#3 HermWarfare

Brother of Dr. Pauly & long time player at FSL, HermWarfare has amassed an impressive 187 fantasy wins at Fantasy Sports Live as of today. He likes to play the lower limits, but has been successful in all 5 fantasy sports we offer which only a few players can claim.

Tier 2 Top Players


Earns his living in Fantasy Hockey, and then gives it back at Fantasy Football. Can you blame a Canadian? If we offered Fantasy Canadian Football Leagues at FSL, he could quit his day job. Has nailed down an impressive 67 fantasy wins at FSL through very part time play.

Miami Don

With this guy’s passion and sports knowledge, you need to watch out. He tore up the Blogger Battle Leagues last year winning his first three ten-player leagues outright. The only negative is all the hookers and blow he has to deal with on Saturday nights in Vegas. Come Sunday morning, he was not always there to get his picks in, and the missed opportunities have cost him a bit in last years, and again in this year’s Blogger Fantasy Football Battle.


Bayne is a smart guy who knows his fantasy sports. He has claimed that he can find exploitable edges in any fantasy sport scoring system. He plays fantasy football exclusively, and earned a nice profit last year at FSL. This year his results have been more mixed, but my guess it is more due to lack of effort, than lack of ability.


Another profitable part time player at FSL. When he studies up for his fantasy picks, he is pretty tough to beat.


I have to give Al some credit for his Fantasy Football skillz here. Al has done very well this season, winning a week of the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle, and earning a seat into what may end up a Heads-Up TOC. He also would win the third place cash prize over all in the BFFB, and also a prize for a top individual score if the season ended today. Keep up the good work Al, and don't tell us your secret is SoCo.


Another tough opponent, who is starting to play a bit more this year, and is doing well at fantasy football.


Lifesagrind was last year’s Blogger Fantasy Football Battle TOC winner, and a nicely profitable player on the site. I have not seen him around this fantasy football season, but he is probably busy with his new website pokertechreviews.

I am going to stop right here. If I left you off the list, make a case for yourself in the comments, or get down to FSL and start working on your fantasy sports resume.

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