Monday, November 17, 2008

Carmine316 Wins The Blogger Battle This Week.

Carmine316 put up a score of 124.9 which was best among 26 competitors this week in the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle at Fantasy Sports Live. Buffalo66 gained a little bit of ground on bonds with his 11th straight in the points performance. The TOC if held tomorrow would be heads-up between bonds and Al-Can't Hang. If you are a blogger who has not played yet, get in the game and win one of the last weeks to get a seat in a small TOC with big payouts. If you are a blogger who has played, but I do not have you linked up yet, drop an email to support or drop a comment here, so we can get you eligible for the added prizes. Complete results and updated season standings are shown below.
Week 11 Blogger Battle Results
Qualified for Tournament of Champions ($150 Min. Added)
Rtrizzle, AlCan'tHang, bonds, Kaiseroll13, Randy, pokernut0826, Kev, Resino, Carmine316

Top Scores of the Season ($100/$50/$25 Added)
Randy 147.3 (Week 5)bonds 142.3 (Week 6)RTrizzle 142.3 (Week 1)AlCantHang 139.7 (Week 2)

Blinders Dead Money in TOC Pool
$130 so far.

Points Leaders ($100/$50/$25 Added)
bonds 486.31
Buffalo66 480.30
Kev 414.14
Kaiseroll13 359.64
RTrizzle 350.94
Resino 314.19
Blinders 305.01
AlCantHang 261.04
I Am Legion 219.88
bayne_s 214.98
Schaubs 208.87
Joe Speaker 206.80
Randy 202.90
pokernut0826 198.12
Big Pirate 190.79
carmine316 190.17
Miami Don 162.97
ebk03001 154.25
Johnny Sixx 126.95
HermWarfare 105.44
love_elf 89.28
Capybara Carnival 86.70
Canable 82.90
BobbyBracelet 72.50
D-Train 71.56
SHaMRoCKeD 65.60
kinnehboo 61.97
JIMBO52N 59.19
Zeem 56.87
Madden 48.42
lexx575 47.16
only1calvary 46.85
cyandle 44.31
DARTHraider 44.21
Turf Toes 43.82
Family Guy 41.86
PachucaSunrise 41.32
$mokkee 38.50
JayP 37.37
beantowngiantsfan 35.65
Toddlers 35.47
tw 35.35
etoppsfan 34.18
jbvolfan 33.99
V-man 33.34
Stop Sign 32.65
Bobby262626 32.52
23skidoo 32.42
Humperdink 31.44
jek187 30.03
jcm 29.82
Muffins 29.22
scramp 28.44
lakewoods 28.44



At 8:17 AM, Blogger etoppsfan said...

Hi, Can you link my blog.


At 9:29 AM, Blogger The Bracelet said...

My new blog address is

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Buffalo66 said...

How the heck do I get less battle points than Kaiseroll13 when we had the exact same score?

We had the exact same rosters and also split the prize money evenly.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Blinders said...


My bad. You guys get the same score. I forgot to catch that.


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