Monday, November 10, 2008

Bonds Wins Another Week on the BFFB2

Bonds scored a 137.5, and won another week of the BFFB2. With bonds winning so often, and the lack of actual bloggers winning on a weekly basis, the TOC could end up being heads-up between bonds and AlCantHang. Get in the game, and give yourself a chance at a fat and easy TOC payday at FantasySportsLive. I won another $20 this week, putting $130 into the growing (heads-up?) TOC prize pool. Results and season standings are listed below:

Week 10 BFFB results

Qualified for Tournament of Champions ($150 Min. Added)

Rtrizzle, AlCan'tHang, bonds, Kaiseroll13, Randy, pokernut0826, Kev, Resino

Top Scores of the Season ($100/$50/$25 Added)

Randy 147.3 (Week 5)bonds 142.3 (Week 6)RTrizzle 142.3 (Week 1)AlCantHang 139.7 (Week 2)

Blinders Dead Money in TOC Pool

$130 so far.

Points Leaders ($100/$50/$25 Added)
bonds 486.31
Buffalo66 429.04
Kev 377.89
RTrizzle 350.94
Resino 314.19
Kaiseroll13 308.38
Blinders 275.42
AlCantHang 261.04
Schaubs 208.87
Joe Speaker 206.80
Randy 202.90
pokernut0826 198.12
Big Pirate 190.79
I Am Legion 188.97
bayne_s 176.23
Miami Don 162.97
ebk03001 154.25
Johnny Sixx 126.95
HermWarfare 105.44
love_elf 89.28
carmine316 87.65
Capybara Carnival 86.70
Canable 82.90
D-Train 71.56
SHaMRoCKeD 65.60
kinnehboo 61.97
Zeem 56.87



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At 7:35 PM, Blogger etoppsfan said...

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