Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Journalism is Dead and Obama is a Socialist

I try to keep politics out of this space, but I don’t think I have ever been more upset with what is going on in a crucial election cycle. I simply can’t just sit back and watch this great country that I love turn socialist in front of my eyes. First off, journalism is effectively dead IMO. The liberal media is so intent on getting their choice elected this year that they have created an unfair playing field. With the exception of Fox News which leans Republican, but offers a “fair and balanced” reporting of the news including guest commentators from both parties, all other media outlets have basically turned into infomercials for their candidate of choice. The worst offender is Countdown with Keith Oberman which is nothing more than an hour dedicated to bashing McCain everyday disguised as a news show. Watch it sometime, and then tell me that it is a news show. This is followed up by CNN and the majors offering up a slanted view, represented by the talking head Democrats they invite on the show, while almost never offering any dissenting opinions. These news organizations are peddling there propaganda to an ill-informed American public who simply eats this crap up as if it was reality. Please let me know of any major news agency that has done any meaningful research into Obama’s past, or any real analysis of his all talk plans to fix the economy. Exactly what has Obama accomplished as a Senator? What are his ties with Ayers? How involved is he with the massive voter fraud perpetrated by Acorn? Most importantly what are the details of his promise to lower taxes on 95% of working families, and raise taxes on the top 5%? How much is he and the Democrats in power responsible for the current financial mess we are in? How much of the stock market crash can be attributed to people liquidating positions before the higher capital gains tax comes into effect under an Obama administration? You will not hear about any of this from the liberal media, because both Biden and Golden Boy Obama get a free pass on everything. You will here a bunch of McCain and Palin bashing. My favorite is the media's obsession with “TrooperGate”. Palin simply fired one of her staff which she had numerous disagreements with. This is what leaders do. Do we want leaders without the balls to fire anyone? The trooper in question was a scumbag by all accounts, and was never actually fired. She was cleared of all wrong doing, but the spin was all about a couple partisan words in the report indicating that she “likely” abused her power, but broke no laws. So Palin gets run through a fine tooth comb, McCain is bashed on a regular basis, and we here nothing ever negative about their opponents past or policies. What a joke.

Well it does not take much actual research to determine that Obama is a Socialist intent on transferring America into a Socialist country. His 95% tax plan is a plan to “redistribute the wealth around” in his own words. A close analysis of the plan by the Wall Street Journal indicated that it is not really a tax cut, but a massive expansion of Welfare disguised as a tax cut. Click on the link and see for yourself. First off, about 33% of working families pay no income taxes. How do they get a “tax-cut” under Obama’s plan? They don’t. They get a Welfare check from the IRS disguised as a tax cut. 33% of America’s working families qualify for welfare under an Obama administration which has to be the largest expansion of Welfare in U.S. history. If you wonder why you don’t know any of this, you can thank the liberal media for hiding the details. So his plan is to rob money from the rich, and hand it out as welfare checks to the poor. Sound a little bit like socialism here? Worst of all his tax plan raises the marginal tax rates across the board for all levels of income. A marginal tax rate is what you pay for each additional dollar that you earn. This would be as high as 40% for low income families. His tax credits are so generous, that a steep phase out that would happen if you actually worked hard and earned more money. Earning more money is simply not worth it under Obama. His plan basically disincentives hard work for both the middle and upper class. The middle class would lose handouts if they worked harder, and the upper-class facing one of the biggest tax increases ever, are also less likely to work hard. So his plan rewards underachievers and punishes overachievers. When he talks about Bush’s broken policies, he is talking about Capitalism. He actually thinks capitalism does not work, and that is why he has laid out a Socialist agenda. A Socialist agenda that you will never here about until it is too late thanks to the adoring media. He is also a bold face liar. He has lied about reverend Wright, Ayers, Acorn, and his tax plan to the American people. He lied when he ran for the Illinois senate on a similar 95% plan, only to raise taxes once in office. His record is solidly tax and spend. He is as close to a pure pacifist liberal as you will ever see. When you have no actual record to speak of, character becomes important, and he is as shady as they come. It is doubtful he could pass the background check that many government workers must pass due to the shady characters in his past

So McCain is forced to run “attack ads” to help the American people understand who Obama really is, because the media will never tell us. The media in turn spins this as desperation and a focus away from the economy. The media does not actually research any of the McCain claims, they just dismiss them all as false. Now McCain needs to take some of the blame for getting beat by a socialist opponent. When he starts getting “Mavricky” he pisses me off as well as his Republican base. His bailout plan for mortgages sounds more like an Obama socialist policy than a free market solution. But if you take that stupid idea away, his economic policies are what it will take to turn the economy around. The socialist policies of Obama which take the incentive away from hard work and success will surely lead us into a deep recession/depression. Even if Obama can’t turn the economy around, he can always lay the blame on Bush for everything, like he always does.

Is there any hope that McCain can turn this around? Sure, but he needs to take the gloves off in the next debate. He needs to call Obama a “Socialist” and a “Liar” over and over again to his face, and explain exactly why he believes this to be true, and then let the American people decide. Unfortunately, not that many will watch the debate, and no matter what happens during the debate the liberal media will say Obama won it. He needs to not back down at all from the negative ads, and paint Obama as the Socialist liar that he is. America should be scared to death right now, as our great nation will surely be damaged by a socialist administration. While other nations are recovering from this crisis we will drop deeper into it, critically losing our financial standing in the world. Short of getting McCain in, we must put in place a congress that objects to Obama’s Socialist policies. The current Democratic congress will rubber stamp everything that he does. We need enough Republicans in the Senate so that they can effectively Filibuster. I would be perfectly happy with the Senate Filibustering for four years straight and blocking all Socialist legislation if that’s what it takes. If it gets bad enough under an Obama administration, I will really consider leaving this great nation for a Capitalistic society, if there are any left.


At 4:56 PM, Blogger OReally said...

And so in McCain. If you vote in the US you are effectively choosing between one set of socialist policies or another. If you believe different you are either deluded or on drugs. The third party choices are jokes, either even more socialist (but at least honestly so) or racist with the Constitutionalists Party semi-honest about that, Bob Barr not so much, but wink, wink read my immigration policy.

Have fun.

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Easycure said...

Great post...or rant. Either way, you are right.

Even though McCain is the not the fiscal conservative that most free-market capitalists would prefer, at least he's not totally socialist. With Obama, the biggest liberal ever nominated for President, being the Democrats candidate, it puts everyone in the middle and on the right in a bad spot. Of course, with Obama as the other choice, it's no real choice at all. McCain is the guy. A protest vote at this juncture of our history is the wrong way to go.

The race is still a toss-up, and if McCain wins, the liberals are gonna cry so hard...I'll laugh my head off. They feel they are a shoe in when in fact they only have at best the country voting for him.

If Obama wins, I'll mostly just be sad, and I'll support him when he's doing the right thing. Unfortunately, he'll more likely start shoving Socialist bills through Congress. When that happens, I'll fight him tooth and nail.

At 10:18 PM, Blogger jjok said...


I find a lot of the same frustrations.....especially the Bama tax plan as you laid out.

You know, I wouldn't have been as concerned with an obama presidency and a republican house and senate. Keeps everyone in check I guess you could say.

I just find massive frustration with the obvious denial of his past as being relevant by the media and talking heads.

But, it is what it is. My vote is McCain for the obvious reasons.....guess we'll see where this thing goes.

At 1:29 AM, Blogger moralbusybodiesrus said...

Thank God I'm not the only one who seems to notice this stuff. I don't have cable and my antenna only picks up 4 channels; ABC, CBS, MSNBC and something else just as liberal. I have to leave the TV off because the stress is shortening my life.

If I have to see those bimbos from The View flirt with Obama, treat McCain like dirt and set up their guests to poke an easy jab at Sarah Palin, I'm going to scream. No, seriously, I'm going to fly down to California, find Whoopie Goldberg's house, ring the doorbell, then put my foot up her ass. No wonder her career keeps spiraling down the toilet.

At 1:29 AM, Blogger $mokkee said...

i watched Keith Olbermann's show for the 1st time ever after the last debate.

that guy is riding Obama's nuts so hard his ass needs a tournaquet.

At 2:46 AM, Blogger leany said...

The extremists come out of hiding and all the fear tactics, and hate mongering begins. When the economy is well, people are more open minded and ready to search for facts and listen to reason.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Liberal media, lol. You sound like Rush. Didn't his show die out like several years ago? I mean I know he's still carrying the torch, but is anyone listening anymore? I mean, besides you? :)

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Blinders said...


If what I am saying about the media is not true, then please respond to the questions from the post. The media is supposed to dig up the facts so we can make an informed decision. This time they are making the decision for us, and actively hiding the facts. It will backfire eventually, but not in time for this election. Look at the ratings trends for fox news. If the trend continues, 4 years from now almost nobody will be watching the phony news shows. We will also still be in a ressession, and America will throw the scumbag commies out. 4 Years of economic pain sucks though.


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