Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Blogger Fantasy Football Battle 2

It's that time of year again! Dig out the fantasy football guide books, or pull out the old dart board. Whatever it takes to prove you are the best blogger at fantasy football. Once again FantasySportsLive.com will be adding $500 minimum to the largest blogger fantasy football contest on the interwebs. Just like last year there will be four ways to win cash. Just like last year this is going to be big. Details are listed below:

Blogger Fantasy Football Battle
Each week there will be contests called "Blogger Battle" in the FSL lobby. These contests will typically be 10-player contests with an $11 entry fee and $100 in prizes paid (50/30/20). There is no password required, but you must have a sports or gaming blog with regular entries that is at least three months old to be eligible for the bonus prizes. In addition to the $100 that will be won each week in each of these contests FSL will add the following cash prizes.
1) The highest score each week will earn a seat in the "Tournament of Champions" The TOC will have $150 minimum added to the prize pool. I will enter each week like last year, and forfeit all prizes won into the TOC prize pool. Last year this was in excess of $200.
2) Points will be awarded to the top 50% of finishers each week, and accumulated throughout the season. The top three overall finishers will win an extra $100/$50/$25 for their efforts.
3) The highest individual point scores in any week of the season will be recorded. The top three individual fantasy scores of the season will receive an extra $100/$50/$25.
So as you can see there are tons of ways to win bonus cash in addition to the $100 per contest being awarded. Also, the TOC seat and top scores can be won in any single week, so you do not need to play them all to take some bonus cash off the table, and secure the associated bragging rights.
Thanks to everyone who made the first annual BFFB a success, and lets try to make this one bigger and better than the last!

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At 10:19 AM, Blogger Buffalo66 said...

Are you going to provide a list of which blogs (bloggers) are in the competition? So we know who we're up against?

I would very much like to read up on other fantasy blogs.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Blinders said...

The leaderboard will be up on the FSL blog and here, and will have links to the blogs on each players FSL ID.


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