Monday, July 14, 2008

Blue Ballin The WSOP Main Event

Today they will play down to the final 9 of the WSOP. Then there will be a 3 month break, and they will play the final table. What a letdown. I never really commented on the idea of delaying the ME FT, but I was against it when I first heard about it. Now after following the WSOP ME with help from the good Dr. Pauly, I think this will be a disaster. The Main Event Final Table is the climax of the biggest tournament series of the year. This year we don’t get the climax, and are all left with blue balls here. It does not help that the final table will be a bunch of no names, but that would have been pretty easy to predict. I do not need to have the hype built for three months about a bunch of no-names. Play the FT now while I still care! In three month, I can care less. It must really suck for those out covering the series this year. Their writing building up as the series progressed, but now they don’t get to blow their collective wads. What a joke. The only other sport that attempts something like this is the superbowl. The comparisons end there. The superbowl is the most watched, most anticipated sporting event bar-none. If any event can take two-weeks of hype, it can. But, this is the WSOP ME. Not in the same league. Not close. Just give me 20 minutes of hype from the good doctor tomorrow morning and let’s play the fucking thing. Otherwise I don’t care. Screw you and your stupid ideas Harrahs.

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At 5:24 PM, Blogger Mr Subliminal said...

Talk about ambivalence! I have no idea where you stand on the subject and would humbly suggest you form an opinion before you post.


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