Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beginner S&G Update - Bodog Software Issues

I have not played a ton of Bodog S&Gs since my last update. I was on vacation for about a week, and then played several of them before an Internet issue last Thursday. Everyone knows the software at Bodog is pretty bad and glitchy. I have been able to overlook this so far, as the tables are just too juicy to resist. Last Thursday the software issues became a real problem. I am trying to 3 table these beginner S&Gs, and the Bodog software seems to get confused very easily as to how many tables you are on. Thursday it thought I was on 4 tables (not allowed), when I was only on two. Since it would not let me open another beginner S&G, I was stuck running just two of them. It actually turned out that I was in two S&Gs and was registered for a third, but I could not open or see the third table I was registered for. The only way I have found to resolve Bodog software issues is to exit the software, and sometimes reboot the PC before reloading the software. So I exited out of the software, and rebooted. When I tried to load the Bodog software, it would not load. I was having some connectivity issues I guess, but I was also playing in the Riverchasers on FT at the time with no issues. I was never able to get Bodog to run again in the next two hours and ended up blinding out of three $16+1.60 S&Gs for a $50 kick in the nuts. Shame on me for trying to get the software to work correctly. Needless to say this pissed me off, and I have not played on Bodog since.

I think I may test the waters one more time, but if I run into another issue like this, I think I will just cash out my Bodog account. I understand that connectivity issues are not Bodogs fault, but I was connected to FullTilt the whole time. I have never lost connection while online, and not been able to get back in a reasonable amount of time before unless there was a severe disruption of service which this was clearly not. It is just too dangerous to put money at risk online if the connection is iffy, and Bodog seems to be as iffy as they come right now.

Anyway, back to the results. I ran just over a dozen more, and got 4 wins and a bunch more finishes near the bubble. Not sure now why the bubble was not much of an issue in my previous runs at these, but I was having a more issues clearing the bubble in this batch than the last one. These things are still very profitable, and have almost no variance. I ran into smokkee during one session, and we played a $16 and $32 together. He has been just playing the $32s, and I think I may need to focus on those ones soon as well. The play is not really any better in the 32s than the 16s. In the $32 I ended up taking second, after knocking out smokkee in third place. $16 Beginner S&G Results are below:

Total Entries = 45
Entry Fees = $792
Prizes Won = $1112
Profit = $320
ITM = 76%
ROI = 40.4%
Hourly Rate @ 3x Utilization = $21.33

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At 2:25 PM, Blogger $mokkee said...

you conveniently forgot to mention you bubbled the $16 we were in and got all your chips in pf with A-8o against my Q-Q to take me out of the $32.

only way you can beat me kid.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

Only way you beat me is to wait around for a big pair and hope it holds. Did not work this time, but nice try. I did not mention the $16 finish as I don't use this space to discuss bad beats.

At 3:48 PM, Blogger $mokkee said...

selective memory

i kept stealing your BB when we got short-handed, that's why you jammed into me with Ace-crap.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger MyPokerThoughts said...

I play at Bodog too but I really wish that they would configure their software to where it allows people to play more than 3 tables at a time. A room their size should allow for that.


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