Monday, December 10, 2007

ChipperSports Wins Week 14 of the BFFB and TOC Update

ChipperSports won another week on the BFFB joining the Zeem and jmathewson_III as the only others to repeat this season. Things are tightening up on the leaderboard with just three weeks to go. I am not eligible for any prizes so it appears that 4th place will get something at this point.

Originally, I was planning on having the BFFB TOC during the NFL Playoffs. Reviewing the schedule, there are only two games maximum on any given day throughout the playoffs. Since our contest structure is daily it is tough for us to span the whole weekend of the playoffs with a single contest. So we will be moving the TOC up to Week 17 of the regular season, and it will include the winners from the first 16 weeks of the BFFB. To keep out the riff-raff, the TOC will have a $5 entry fee with no prizes. The Prize pool for the TOC currently is $243 (Blinders Dead Money) + $5/entry. We will pay out the top 4 or 5 in the TOC from this prize pool, by manually adding the cash to your account. Anyone who enters without qualifying will be ineligible (but we will go ahead and throw their $5 in the prize pool anyway). hope this makes sense and let me know if you have any questions.

Week 14 and season long results are shown below.

Top of the BFFB Leaderboard ($100/$50/$25 Bonus)
jek187 617.20
Blinders 539.66
jmathewson_III 465.73
bonds 438.49
ChipperSports 409.26
Miami Don 387.18
HermWarfare 384.72
bayne_s 374.49
ebk03001 364.91
love_elf 359.82
Zeem 307.45
DonkeyPuncher 278.85
Bobby Bracelet 256.43
Big Pirate 252.70
Joe Speaker 248.75
Schuabs 238.65
lifesagrind 231.51
Chewbot 192.32
Chico's Bail Bonds 180.58
23skidoo 175.96
Alpo_Splatr 163.23
Madden 158.49
scurvydog 155.03
LTLover 142.72
Otis 140.00
mclarich 132.43
Smokkee 117.77
Dr. Pauly 111.78
Mcguyver 108.28

Qualified for Tournament of Champions
lifesagrind , Jek187 , love_elf , Mcguyver , jmathewson_III (2) , Zeem (2), ChipperSports (2), Bobby Bracelet, Miami Don, Schaubs, bonds

Blinders Deadmoney in TOC Pool So Far ($150 Min)

Top three fantasy scores of the season ($100/$50/$25 Bonus)
1 Jek187 186.9 (Week 2)
2 Schaubs 172.1 (Week 11)
3 ChipperSports 163.7 (Week 7)

Week 14 BFFB Points

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