Monday, December 10, 2007

Pauly Wins Week 9 of SWDP & TOC Update

Pauly took down the contest with his name this week. We have one week left and a pretty tight leaderboard at the top. The Tournamnent of Champions will be held in week 16. It will be a $5 buy-in with no automatic prizes (any fees collected will be added to the TOC prizes). The $5 buy-in should discourage others from entering, but if any do they will not be eligible for the added prizes. The full list of all Sunday With Dr. Pauly added prizes will be announced next week.

Results are shown below:

Top of the Leaderboard
RTrizzle 1173.5
ebk03001 1165.6
bayne_s 1129.4
Expensive Wino 1124.2
jek187 1114.9
Dr. Pauly 1096.7
Chewbot 1051.4
bonds 1050.1
HermWarfare 1046.7
Big Pirate 1016.4
BigHeeb91 1013.2
Pokerpeaker 989.9
Mark 967.6
Proehl 962.6
KenB525 954.8
Betty Underground 948.3
jakehead 940.6
Zeem 936.6
change100 903.5
Mattazuma 887.2
Bobby Bracelet 878.2
DrizzDJ 849.2
DonkeyPuncher 708.3
PokahDave 633.2
VinNay 628.5
Garthmeister J. 619.4

Tournament of Champions Field (To be held on 12/23/2007 - Week 16)
Bobby Bracelet , RTrizzle, ebk03001, Chewbot, bonds, Mattazuma, jek187, Expensive Wino, Pokerpeaker, Big Pirate, KenB25, Proehl, DrizzDJ, Mark, PokahDave, VinNay, HermWarfare, bayne_s, Zeem, Betty Underground, johnnieb, 23skidoo
SWDP Week 9 Results

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