Friday, October 26, 2007

BBT2 Week One In The Books

I did not get my TOC seat in Week 1 as planned. I had a couple decent shots finishing 17th in the MATH, going out on a coinflip (My TT vs. AK) for a pretty big pot with 30 left in the Mook, and getting to the final table last night in Riverchaser's with a pretty big stack. It would not be my night as I would finish in 7th going from 3rd in chips to the rail in the span of 2 hands. I finished 14th overall for week 1 of the BBT2. Guess I may need to write my way in, lol.

I would see even better cards for Riverchaser's then I did in the previous nights Mook. What is interesting about how I play MTTs is that it is very formulaic early, but my image can still be all over the map. When I am catching the right kinds of cards in the right positions at the right frequencies, I can come off as pretty aggressive even early in MTTs. That was the case last night, as I was much more active early than any of the other three events this week. It did not do me a ton of good chip wise, as I would get to the first break still with about 3k in chips. I would continue to catch cards and during the second hour, and now I would start getting paid off and build up a stack. I was in the top ten for most of the second hour.

I always get accused of folding to the money and or points, but if you have watched my play late this week, it is pretty clear that has not been my strategy. I went out jamming a medium suited connector from the cutoff and was somehow called by the BBs QTo in the MATH. I took a massive coinflip on the points bubble in the Mook, and last night got into a massive battle of the blinds with Wawfuls holding A9o. Winning that hand with about 16 left would get me to third in chips. I would get to second about 15 minutes later. I was in great shape at the FT with about 25k in chips, but the blinds were 1200/2400, 300 ante. My M is only about 5 even though I am third in chips. Lucko was very active, preflop raising 40-50% of his hands it appeared. I picked up AQs UTG and raised to 6k. I was called by the BB. Flop came low and it checked to me. With the pot having about 15k in it, and as tight as I had been playing lately, I felt I had to C-bet here. I bet just more than 1/2 the pot to leave myself the chance to fold, and got check-raised all-in. I had to fold there, and that left me with just 10k in chips and an M of 2 in the BB. Things really need to go your way late at the FT and that was not a good example. I guess I can Jam preflop or not make the C-bet, but I think the way I played it is defensible. The next hand was just one of those situations where the math demands that you Jam ATC. I have 10k to start and post a 2400 BB. Lucko makes his usual preflop raise, and it folds to me. If I jam, I will need to put in about 33% of what the total pot will be if called (2100 in dead antes + 1200 dead SB + 4800 Dead BB + Call = 8,100 dead). Lucko's range is just slightly better than ATC. I have 64o, and at best I am 40/60, but against Lucko's range I am probably at least 37/63. I am priced in to Jam ATC here with no fold equity. There is no fold equity, as lucko is priced in to call with whatever he raised with. I guess I can just call there, and check/fold the flop if I miss, but that would leave me with just 5k and no real shot at winning. Sure enough lucko has pretty much ATC and I am live. I river the 6, but it gives Lucko a straight. Better luck next week I guess.



At 9:38 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

i was really surprised to see you fold after the push on your c-bet. you def have to push in on lucko HU with ATC from your BB at that point.

At 12:57 PM, Blogger lucko said...

"...and got check-raised all-in. I had to fold there, and that left me with just 10k in chips and an M of 2 in the BB."

Getting like 5 to 1 with two overs, I wouldn't say you had to fold there.

If you did fold that hand, I think you probably should have jammed the next hand with ATC UTG.

At 1:58 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I think your fold was right on the check-raise allin hand. You're almost certainly behind and who knows if you really have two overs or not. In general, if you bluff at a pot and leave yourself enough chips to fold if you get caught, and then you get caught, I think as a general statement it's the losers who still call off the rest of their stack from behind, while the real winners will make the fold when they know they're behind and live to fight another day. You pick up pocket Aces the very next hand and it would be obvious the fold was the right move. Not saying the pot odds don't matter, but just that in general I like that fold and I think it's much more donkorific to call off the rest of your stack with AQo unimproved. You coulda been up against AKo for all you know.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I think your A9 play was correct.. 60/40 is good enough.. HOWEVER.. Using it to point out that you are not a pussy is not fair. You raised 3x BB HU vs the BB with a weak Ace.. expecting me to fold.. When I re-jammed all in it was not your whole stack and it was not very much to call. You probably should have just jammed to begin with.. but despite that.. I do not see where you were doing anything brave here.. it was a no-brainer call after you had raised 3xBB.


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