Thursday, October 25, 2007

"I Gave Him About 3 Grand While You Were Talking About His Blog"

I played the Mook last night for my third straight BBT2 event. There is a little bit of BBT inflation going on here. 112 for the Mook? All three events have had all time record entries this week. That's not going to make it easy to get that TOC seat. Riverchasers is going to be 125+ I would guess. I will be playing tonight, and hopefully all of next week. I am already getting static so I am going to need to grab a seat soon if I plan on getting one. I feel I have been playing my MTT formula well and it is working. I need to catch a break here and there, and that has not happened yet. My biggest mistake so far was the hand with Kat where she caught a set of Queens in the Big Game. It was a tough situation, and I doubt too many others could fold there, but I probably should have.

So in last nights Mook, I got my best run of cards by far, but was not able to do a ton with them and ended up 30/112. I got Aces and flopped a set early, but could not get paid. I caught QQ in back to back hands doubling up with the first one, and then giving back 2k to AK on the second. I also pulled off some pretty good slow plays if I do say so myself. Both times milking the hand for everything I could get. The quote in the title is from ricki424 who would take third. BuddyDank was doing "guess the donk" and reading my first blog post. Nobody was close to guessing it was me (Not sure if that's good or bad). While this was happening, I pick up AKs in the BB and ricki424 made another standard raise from late. I decided to smooth call and hope to win a big pot post flop if I hit. The flop came A high with two of my suit for a perfect slow play opportunity. I check/called his c-bet, and a small card paired the turn. Turn went check/check. On the river, I led out real small, and got reraised. I jammed for just a bit more, and got called by 88. There was also a paint card on the board. The slowplay was safe there because I had the nut draw to go with my TPTK, and I don't need to worry too much about ricki424 catching up. For my other key slowplaw, I was at about 3200 in chips to start, and raised 3x to 1200 after a couple of limpers with AA. One of limpers call from out of position. Flop comes A5x with two to a suit. I check behind on the flop, as I want the Ace to appear to scare me. I am pretty sure the other guy does not have the case Ace. The Turn brings another five to give me the boat, and no threat of a flush hurting me. I smooth call a bet on the turn. The river is a blank (no flush), and it checks to me. There is 5200 in the pot, and I have 1025 behind. I bet a ridiculously low 700 into the pot. About as valuey as it gets, but also a little post oakie as well. I get the called on the river by Q high. This gave me some chips to work with.

It would get down to about 30 players, and I was under 3k at this point. I jammed A9o from the cutoff and stole the blinds. The very next hand I get TT and the cutoff makes a 3x raise, and I jam. I would lose the coinflip and an 10k+ pot when a bunch of Aces and Kings would hit the board. Not much I can do there, but would have been in good shape with that one.

Listening to BuddyDank read my first post, it was amazing how much the blog has evolved overtime. It used to be all about documenting challenges, and my bankroll progress as I moved up the stakes, while throwing in some strategy and hand analysis. I used to play so much more poker back then then I do now, that I doubt I could do another challenge right now. I probably should find a way though, because challenges always improved my game like clock work. More of you guys should try them and really put yourself under the microscope if you want to get better fast. I miss challenges the most. The UIGEA really changed things for me with respect to the blog. It gave me this huge distraction and time sink in, as well as changed my whole approach to the game. I used to play entirely to maximize profit, but now I just play for fun. I only play MTTs right now, and mainly just the blogger ones when I can. I doubt I have played 1000 hands of NL cash in all of 2007. This kills the normal supply of material I would have for the blog, but I am trying to make the best of it. The BBT and BBT2 definitely give me motivation to play more, but also create issues at home. In the back of my mind I am planning on a direct buy-in to the WSOP ME next year. I don't waste my time with Satellites, so I would buy-in direct if I thought I would be +EV in the MTT. The ME structure is so perfectly aligned to my game, that I really believe I would be +EV. Of course, I would need to prepare by playing tons more MTTs next year to get ready.

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At 8:30 PM, Blogger Zeem said...

On paper you are definitely +EV in the ME. The field has so many weak players it will blow your mind. But, there are non-poker and meta-poker considerations that will come into play. You could conceivably draw a nasty table. And you never know how you are going to do in what is a unique set of circumstances. But I highly recommend you play at some point. It is a wild ride.


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