Friday, October 12, 2007

Get In The Game Squared - SWDP

In case you live under a rock somewhere and have not heard we have a new Fantasy Football Series on Fantasy Sports Live. "Sundays with Dr. Pauly" officially starts this Sunday, and will be a 10 week challenge. Like the BFFB there will be bonus prizes added. Unlike the BFFB, we will be accumulating raw fantasy scores to determine the champion, and the entry to the end of season freeroll will be based on beating Dr. Pauly's score for three consecutive weeks. Pauly is also throwing in some of his own valuable prizes, including a personal phone call from "Daddy" for 4th place overall. You now have twice the reasons to sign-up and compete at Fantasy Sports Live, and remember to use a bonus code when opening your account for some extra free cash as well. Get in the Game - Squared.


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