Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Orange Poker League Event #2

I played in the second event of the orange poker league Saturday night. I am getting more convinced that this thing is a complete luckbox crapshoot. With only 1500 in starting chips, a WSOP like blind schedule, 20 minute levels, and a bunch of freaking slow ass amateurs, my game don't seem to work here. You are lucky to get about 6 hands in per level. The rebuys end after the 4th level, so your going to see about 25 hands prior to the freezout starting. These players are horrible. They play way to many hands preflop, and call down with any piece of the flop, or any draw no matter how slim. This style is rewarded with this type of structure. My patient style just does not seem to work. I have been ridiculously card dead in both events so far, but 25 hands is not many to get some playable cards.

I went into this one knowing I would need to loosen up early, or face getting blinded out quick. I tried. I saw some flops with low unsuited connectors (which I was getting a lot of). No flop help for me. The last hand before the rebuys ended was my best so far, and the only one I would have played in a real tournament (this one being a crapshoot).

The hand was QJs. I limped, flop came Q high. I pushed in my last 1k, and got called by an AQ who forget to raise preflop. No help. Rebuy!

I get blinded down to about 900, catch AK and shove in UTG. These players are silly. I basically sit out the entire tournament, and now I am shoving in. Of course I get called with crap. I flop a K and double through to about 2k in chips. Wow, I won my first pot of the night about 2 hours in. It would be my only winning hand of the night.

It ended when I was forced all-in in the BB with 2 live low cards. No help for me or my single opponent, and J high took it down.

I ended up taking 12th out of 32 which is crazy considering I only won 1 hand. This was good for 6 points giving me 10pts total after two horrible tournaments. 10 points puts me at about 12th out of 40 trying to get to the top 9. I am going to have to catch some cards and get a cash to lock myself in to the championship event.

I really need some help adjusting my strategy for these types of tourneys. Its a pure donk/fish/luck fest. It rewards the donks, and its hard for me to play that way. These guys are bad, so I should be able to outplay them post flop. Maybe I should see about 1/2 the flops early and just hope to hit something big. Not sure. I do know that If I get a hand these guys will pay it off. Also, there is almost no chance of bluffing. These guys call down all-ins with A high, third pair/good kicker, second pair/no kicker, and sometimes with air. Its silly.


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At 2:01 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

re: player of the year title,

this post basically reinforces my case in point.


get the awards ceremony ready.


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