Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Tourneys

I played in few tournaments over the weekend. Not a lot of luck, but some interesting hands.

PokerStars World Blogger Championship

It was kind of a wild ride through this one. Key hands are as follows. I call a preflop raise with JJ. Flop comes KJx all clubs. Initial raiser pushes in on the flop. I call, and I'm against AA no clubs. Turn a club, river a club for a board flush and a split pot. I raise preflop with AKo, and get a single caller. Flop comes all low with 2 hearts (I have K of hearts). I make the continuation bet with 2 overs and a runner/runner flush draw, Call. Turn is a low heart. I fire a second 250 bet, and get min raised to 500. I have to call with all the outs. River is a blank, and my opponent pushes in. I have to fold and I am down to T1000. I pick up AA and min raise an initial raiser to T600. Initial raiser pushes, and I call. The guy has 84o, lol. AA holds up and I'm back to T2000. I get blinded down to T1500, and pick up JJ, blinds 50/100. The chip leader who has been raising numerous pots opens for T500. I can't just call here, and I can't really put this guy on a monster, so I push all-in. I get called by a shorty with T5, and chip leader tanks then calls. Chip leader has KQo, shorty has KJ. Well at least one of the outs is missing. Flop and turn is all low, but a Q on the river sends me home in about 1500/2250.

Bodog 100k Guarantee

I used to play this one quite a bit with decent success. Bodog recently gave me 135 Tournament Dollars for making a $100 deposit, so I was freerolled into this one. 650 entrys made for a nice 35k overlay. The structure is also better then before. You get 2500 in starting chips, and a very slow blind schedule. Last level before the first break is 20/40. I will probably start playing this one every week if the overlays stay large. I don't really get much to work with for the first hour, and am down to about T1800 when I see a flop with ATs. Flop comes 987 rainbow. I call a bet. Turn is a low of my suit, so I have a flush draw now as well. I call another bet. River drops a 6 giving me the straight. I reraise this time all-in and get called by JTo for a higher straight. IGHN

WSOP Tune-up home tourney

I hosted an $80 buy-in home game Saturday night. It had the identical structure as event #6 of the WSOP, except 45 minute levels. I flopped a small flush from the BB, and check/called a flop bet. I then lead out on the turn and river and won a nice pot. Later I called a 3x raise with 33, and 4 other callers. I flopped my set, and Larry went all-in on the flop. I called and won another nice pot. We were down to 5 pretty quick, and I was third in chips, but way behind the top 2. I raise with 99 preflop, and Chris and Ken call. Flop comes 663. Chris checks, and Ken goes all-in for 1300 more. I can't put Ken on AA-QQ as he only called preflop. I figure there is a pretty good chance I am in the lead, and make the call. Ken has JJ and it holds, and my stack takes a pretty big hit. 4-handed, I call a raise with KQo. Flop comes JTx all hearts. I bet and Ken calls. Turn is another heart. Check/Check. River is an A giving me the straight. Check/Check. I say, "I have you beat if you don't have a heart", and Ken flips up JJ for the set. I am back. 4-handed with me and Ken about equal in chips, and the other two way ahead. The pay is not much more for 3rd vs. 4th, so I am prepared to take a stand. I open raise from the button with A3o. Ken's dad calls. He has been pushing people around all-night and bluffing a lot. Flop comes 743 rainbow. Checks to me and I make a continuation bet, Call. Turn is a 2. Now Ken's dad bets into me. A call would just about put me in. He really could have anything, but there is a good chance I am good, and I am pretty much pot committed anyway. I push-in. He calls with K4o. IGHN.


At 12:51 PM, Blogger smokkee said...


you got the MTT blooz. except that 12 player tourney borderlines a "real" MTT.

it looks like you need to play more hands making some moves after first couple of blind levels. the only image you establish folding hand after hand is a tighty. i'm surprised you get much action when you do have a hand.

you bleed off a bunch of chips waiting for that monster (only a pair) and get knocked off by a bigger pair or good draw. if you have a stack to work with, you can get through the expected bad beats. i'd rather go out before the first break if i can't double up by then. my goal is to at least be doubled up by the first break of every tourny. sometimes you have to push with mediocre hands to cause preflop raisers to fold their drawing hands. obv, AA or KK won't fold. timing is everything. figure out who the tighties are and pick on them.


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