Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm Saving My Live Tourney Luck For the WSOP

Last night was the monthly stop on the OCPT. We had 22 entries which is a new record, and a $710 prize pool. My live tourney luck was back in nonexistent mode. I did not win a single pot all night (2+hours of play). Shortly after the rebuys ended, I looked down at KK. I had about T290 with the blinds as 10/20. UTG open raises to T40. I reraise to T80 looking to isolate UTG. Larry goes all-in behind me. I put Larry on a range of hands 77-AA or AK or possibly worse. He could have AA, but odds are he doesn't. Plus, I am not going to lay down KK preflop after being cold decked the whole tournament. I make the call, and Larry has AA. No help, no pots won, IGHN, priceless!

I am having a $80 buy-in Saturday night. It is structured just like Event #6 of the WSOP, except for 45 minute levels. I call it a "WSOP tune-up" tournament. The poker gods owe me some luck for this one and event #27 due to last night, and my last live tourney. Don't let me down poker gods!


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