Thursday, June 22, 2006

Quads on PokerStars

I don't play much on PokerStars anymore. I have had way more success on FullTilt, and the bonuses are much better elsewhere. I had to get my VIP level up to Silver to buy into Event #27 of the WSOP, I had an old bonus to clear, and a new one I am about to finish. So I have been playing over there quite a bit lately. I really can't say PokerStars has been good to me. I have to admit that I was not running very good for a couple weeks before I started playing Stars again. So some of this is related to my game being a little off right now. Anyway, I lost $300 in my first big session on PokerStars, and have taken about 3 months worth of brutal beats in the last two weeks there. Crazy crap that keeps me from ever pulling ahead there. I checked PokerTracker, and I have 8000+ hands of .50/1 nl with a loss of about $20. I would have made $1000+ on FullTilt over that many hands. Please be kind to me PS Gods! Anyway, the hand above was a slight reprieve from the beat down. This guy actually thinks he's gonna push me off quad Ks. On the other hand, I flop Quad 9s and actually build a decent pot.


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