Thursday, July 06, 2006

Half Year Goal Update

Well, I am half way through the year. For the others out there who are not, its time to catch up. Anyway, it's time to see where I stand goal wise for the year.

1) Start playing higher stakes online - 5/10NL by the end of the year

Very poor progress on this. I have dabbled in 1/2 NL for most of the year, but I am still a losing player at this level. I think I am just getting the raw end of variance, but it still hurts. It's really hard to give up a very profitable .50/1 NL to lose your ass everytime you try 1/2, but that's what's happening. My bankroll could stand 2/4 at this point, so I am being way to conservative. If I found a softer site that would help. PartyPoker may be the cure I am looking for. For now I am focused on my tournament game as Event #27 of the WSOP approaches. After that, it will be time to focus entirely on this goal.

2) Generate $100/hr long term profit.

Still stuck at about $30/hr. Will have to move up to at least 2/4 NL for this to be achieved.

3) Play in Event #6 of the WSOP

Ended up going with Event #27. It worked out good, because there is no way I could be attending the Blogger tourney this week, if I was in Vegas the prior week. I will call this goal met.

4) Play in the WSOP main event.

Not looking like this is going to happen this year. It was not really a hard goal. I have a couple more chances to satellite in, or a big cash in Event #27 and I'm in.

5) Win the season standings in the company tournament

I'm in a virtual tie with smokkee with 2 events left. I am also the career money leader on the OCPT, but this was not a stated goal.

6) Play more 3/5 NL in live casinos.

Have not played any this year. I have done well at 1/2 NL. I plan on getting some in this weekend, especially if I can build a bankroll up swimming with the fishes at the MGM 1/2 nl tables.

7) Play in some big home tourneys and book some big wins.

I have one win for $275 on the OCPT. I also have a 2nd and 3rd place finish on the OCPT this year (not bad for 6 events with about 20 runners in each). I have only played in about three other large buy-ins with no success. I am due for a big cash in the Orange Poker League. Winning the championship would be nice. We will see.

8) Upgrade my monitor to high resolution


Overall, I have made some progress, but have lots of work to do. After the WSOP, I need to start taking some shots at the higher level. I may just jump straight to 2/4, as my luck at 1/2 is horrible. The biggest problem I have is being too careful with my bankroll. I have to be willing to let it stagnate or fall, as I try the higher levels. I also may need to stop multitabling, until I get a good feel for the higher levels. I am not giving up, but have a lot of progress to make in my cash game.


At 5:09 AM, Blogger Mattastic said...

Playing NL100 ($0.50/$1 blinds)how many tables are you playing to make $30/hr win rate out of interest?

I've just started dabbling into the world of NL and if I could hit $30 an hour long term (300k hands) then I would give up my day job!

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Blinders said...

I play 4-5 tables at a time. My long term win rate is 6 big bets/100 hands or $12/100hands. I play 250-300 hands hour which gets you slightly above $30/hr.

My big problem is the day job pays too much. I would need about $100/hr to concider making my hobby fulltime.


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