Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rush Poker and BBT5 Rush Exit

I am a little out of the loop, but thanks to wawfuls comment I was able to jump into my first BBT5 event last night only to be the second player bounced out. I can't really fault my play, though I have to admit, I can never remember getting bounced so early before. I remember the hand something like this (a bit fuzzy I will admit). I pick up AKo early and open 3x to T150. I am reraised to a little north of T500 (stacks are about T3000), and I smooth call and my AA/KK alarm bells are going off. Flop comes down Kxx with two clubs, and I have the ace of clubs. I check/call T800. I am still pretty concerned about AA based on the preflop action for some reason. Turn drops a K of clubs giving me trips with top kicker and a draw to the top flush. I think I check/called again at this point, but was pretty committed. River is a blank, and I lead out for most of my remaining stack, and get reraised all-in. I call, fully expecting to see AA, but it is a low suited gapper for the made flush, and I am out. I think iIplayed it ok, and my opponent played it pretty bad preflop, getting over 1/6th in on a crap hand preflop early in a deepstacks MTT but oh well.

Logging in for the first time in a while, I noticed the rush poker games, and $5 offer so I tried it out. On the surface this looks to be a pretty cool idea, though I do not fully understand exactly how it works. I played some .25/.50 NL and was pacing close to 300 hands/hr on a single table. If you are used to multi-tabling, and making instant decisions there seems to be a huge advantage with rush poker. First off, there is no need to pay attention to the players you are against when you get a new table every hand. That is an advantage to the multi-tabler vs. the single-tabler. Also, it is just great to plow through your crap hands as you nit your way to gold. There is pretty much zero down time as a result. What is not clear to me are the required adjustments. With the fold now option, people will be abandoning their blinds and late position hands more than they should I would imagine. Blind defense and blind stealing are probably key to beating rush poker long term. The next thing is how your position at the next table is determined. It says that the BB is determined by the player who has played the most hands without posting a BB at that table. It is not clear if all other positions at the table are determined the same way. What you will notice if you play and are rapidly prefolding your junk hands is that table position at the next table appears to be somewhat random. You may be late for a few hands and then be early for a few. It is pretty much impossible to guess when you will hit a blind. It appears that the rapid folding types like me, may be posting the BB more often then normal, because they would be more likely to have a high number of hands since the last posted BB. To make it work right, they may have to make rapid folder post the BB more often, and then you better be able to defend well to win at rush poker. Any thoughts?

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