Thursday, March 18, 2010

iPad Pants

Lately I have been shopping for iPad pants. I need to be prepared for when the Ipad with 3G is released, and iPad style pants are tougher to find than you would think. Alright blinders, WTF are you talking about? What are Ipad pants? iPad pants are pants that have large cargo pockets below the normal pants pockets. Large enough to slip your 10 inch iPad into so you can bring it anywhere you would have brought your iphone. Most of my shorts already have these pockets in them, and I have some casual pants that do as well. What I have been shopping for is more dress type pants that I could wear to my daytime job, so that lugging around my iPad at work would be less of an issue. If you are like me, you work for a company that restricts Internet access at work in some way. Before I could pull out my iPhone if a certain site was blocked. That still works, but it is just slower, and less convenient to surf on the much smaller screen of an iPhone. I guess you could lug a personal laptop to work with a 3G connect card, to bypass the Internet security, but that is pretty blatant. What if you boss asks why you are using your personal laptop at work, when you work PC is right there. Better have a good reason ready. The iPad is a great solution for this, and thats why you got to get iPad pants. So much more under the radar than a laptop in hand, but serves the same purpose. I plan on using the calendar feature to replace my Franklin planner, so I will already have a reason to bring the iPad to meetings. If the meetings get a bit boring, I can always fire up Safari for some unrestricted surfing.

I am pretty excited about the new iPad. The above reason is just one example of a powerful use for it. For promoting the iPhone was a descent tool, but the iPad is perfect. Now when we are out at events and talking up the site, we can just hand someone the iPad, and show them the site, and get them to sign-up. That works ok with the iphone, but there is too much pinching, scrolling and zooming. The ipad presents the full webpage in viewable form without zooming. The iPad is going to be HUGE for FSL.

Most of the people who think the iPad will flop, simply do not understand the superior form factor. Lets face facts, laptops were not designed to be easy to use. They are designed to be portable. Would you really hinge the keyboard to the monitor, and use some crappy pointing pad, if you were designing it for usability? If you want to sit at a desk and do work a laptop is OK, but still awkward. But this is a portable device. Why is it designed to work on a desk, where you already have a much better desktop solution? Apple did what they do, and thought outside of the box. What if I wanted to surf the Internet from the comfort of a couch, or while standing in line at the DMV? Here a laptop simply fails, and the iPad shines. While standing you can hold the iPad with one hand and operate it easily with the other. Try that one with a laptop while standing. While sitting on the couch the same is true with an iPad. With a laptop, you have to balance it on your knees, and extend it away from you so you can type. Sure a laptop can have a bigger monitor, but you cant really use it very close to your face. The 10 monitor is not a negative at all. It will actually work better than a laptop monitor, because the orientation can be flipped.

Apple stock has been running up in anticipation. Pretty much a no brainer. Apple has already developed this device, and it looks like they will pre-sell a million or so before launch. The development expense has already been paid for, so all of these sales drop straight to the bottom line. Apple can also book 100% of the revenue at delivery, because there is no cell phone contract required. It really took someone like apple to get a tablet out that could suceed and this one is it!

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