Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poker Still Meh

A played a little online poker a few weeks ago at FullTilt. I am still pretty much in "meh" mode. Poker just does not do for me what it once did. I guess in the old days, there was the dream to go pro some day, and that was a strong reason to keep working on my game and improving. No such goal for me anymore, and as a result, no such motivation. I still love the game, and my skills have not diminished by too much yet. It is just really hard for me to commit to play, even though I do have the time. Are blogger tourneys still running? I have not played in one since the last blogger series. Those were always a blast. I do like the fact that they have non turbo token S&Gs now at FullTilt. I scored a $26 token in an 18 player S&G after about 90 minutes of work. Played a few tourneys as well, and took some horrific beats. Don't really miss flopping top set, and pricing out the draws only to see a flush hit on the river. I played the midnight madness MTT which is a pretty cool set-up for a west coaster. Doubled up on my first hand, then pissed most of it away when I overplayed TT preflop after an open and a smooth call. I jammed, and both called. Initial better had A5s, smooth caller had QQ (?), and A5 pulled a straight for the win, after getting it all in three way preflop. Still tons of donkeys out there that's for sure. I rallied back and was sitting pretty low as the cash bubble approached. I took a stand with A9 and got bounced by AT. Years ago I would have folded into the money, but the low end payouts are simply not worth it, so rather than cash in my first MTT in a long time, I took the stand hoping for more. I will see if I can force myself to play some more, and do some poker posts, but I will probably continue to post about the end of America as we no it, as a result of the Obamunism being shoved down our throats.



At 11:22 AM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Blogger MTTs still going. BBT5 coming up soon. The Mookie gets like 18 people normally then every once in a while people hype it and it gets more. Mookie is not playing anymore so it is kind of the Dank now.

At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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