Wednesday, June 03, 2009

BBT4 Run Recap

I ended up playing in 18 of the BBT4 events and did not win a TOC seat.  I went in figuring I would play around 20 and that would give me about a 50/50 shot at a seat (based on average field of 50) and that’s about what happened.  I was heads up once in the riverchasers with the chip lead for my 50/50 chance, but did not convert.  Overall, I played pretty well, but was bounced on bad beats just before several final tables.  That was evened out to some extent by a lucksack/cardrack run to third in one.  I can’t really compare myself on points to those who played most of them when I played less than 1 out of 3.  I finished in 48th overall on points.  Only 2 people finished higher than me with 18 or less events, and I finished higher than 22 people who played 18 or more events.  I was profitable over the series, though not by a huge margin.  I have now been profitable over each BBT series individually.  If you look at points per event, I ended up in 20th place overall for anyone with at least 18 events.  I think that’s about where I would have landed if I had played most of them.  I think I would have had about a 90% chance at a seat as well if I played them all, but that is not really possible.  The timing of these things is horrible for me, and it would have taken a divorce to play in more of them (I took a ton of heat as it was).  It was a lot of fun though to play against everyone, and there were some very enjoyable final tables along the way. I wish the best of luck to everyone who made the TOC, and for whoever wins a seat, could you please take the M.E. down.

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